2021, the year in which fashion opted for wedding rings as a formula for success

Fendi and Versace the Gucci and Balenciaga are some of the companies that understand that there is strength in fashion too, betting on the pair as an alternative formula of success to exploit the limits of the creativity of logos, prints and flagship patterns that merge together on the catwalks and campaigns.

2021 was, for fashion, a year of reformulation in search of new strategies. Synergies, exchanges and collaborations have consolidated as protagonists of a new scene that merges imagination, logos and codes, to which Gucci, The north face, Balenciaga, UGG, Fendi, Versace or Levis, among others, have joined.

The international fashion trends analysis platform Lyst has published the report “The power of collaboration”, highlighting this creative vein which has marked, with the virtual mode, the fashion path of 2021. A strategy which, although it does not live its genesis today, consolidates its niche in the industry in recent years.

H&M pioneer

In 2004, the Swedish firm H&M surprised by announcing its capsule collection designed by then-Chanel Creative Director Karl Lagerfeld. The concept was not without controversy, to become, more than fifteen years later, a formula which conquered the field of luxury brands but also of “streetwear” and others more accessible.

A synergy between the world of luxury and the technical sectors designed for the world of adventure. Thanks to Instagram, Gucci and The North Face ventured into 2020 to announce a collaboration with which they merged high-end clothing with other typical urban fashion in technical materials and stamped with the logos of the respective companies.

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Gucci and their collaborations

After a resounding success in terms of sales and virality in the networks, this synergy paved the way for collaborations, to which new firms have since been added, in addition to renewing a second collection with floral prints as protagonists in 130 clothing for men and women. woman in down jacket, sweatshirt or shirt.

The Italian firm, with baroque roots and linked to couture, has found in the minimalist cachet a ground on which to walk comfortably. The proof is his Alianza con la firma Comme Des Garçons, as well as the version of the popular bag of the French house, which is stamped with the three emblematic red and green lines of the Italian firm in a version relaunched after a first test in 2018.

Under the name of “Hacker Project”, Gucci again bet on the merger, and did it with Balenciaga in April, in silhouettes which recovered the Balenciaga motifs and appeared stamped with the logo of the two houses and that now, in December, they relaunch a new edition whose bags are already hanging on the exhausted label.

Fendi and Versace

Fendi and Versace They also opted for hybridization in October, through a collection in which they unveiled the creative legacy of the two companies through a exchange of original creative directors, raising a concept that even merged their names; “Fendace”.

Milan Fashion Week has been overshadowed by the creative dialogue between two of its most important companies, in an exercise in creativity in which Kim jones and Silvia Venturini, at the head of Fendi interpreted his vision of Versace with their designs, while Donatella Versace he did the same with Fendi.

Miu Miu and Lévis

The iconic straight jeans, the Lévis model 501 or the oversized-cut jackets that marked the 80s and 90s are dyed with lines and patterns that the Italian firm Miu Miu he designs for the company, playing with the “upcycling” movement through which new clothes come to life from used ones.

More fashion alliances

The Memphis firm has four decades of history this year, which is why Antoine Vacarello, at the head of Yves Saint Laurent, he paid tribute to the brand by creating a collection of decorative pieces ranging from ceramics to textile pieces, including sweatshirts, dresses and sports shoes.

The year ends with the help of Loewe and the prestigious animation studio Studio Ghibli, whose scenes from the iconic film “Spirited Away” are based on a few pieces from the firm, which will be released next January and in the Spirited Away, the Witch Yubaba or the Faceless Spirit are the protagonists.

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