5 Cryptos That Make The Headlines

There are thousands of cryptos currently in circulation with new coins constantly being added to mix. In such a big pot, there will only be a few winners.

Let’s take a look at some of the more recent coin releases that stand out from the crowd.

LumosMetaverse (LUMOSX)

LumosMetaverse launched on December 29 and saw its price skyrocket on Tuesday to US $ 0.17. It has since fallen to US $ 0.1026, which is still an increase from its initial introductory price of US $ 0.08.

LUMOSX is an online browser strategy game where users have the option of converting their LUMOSX into real money. It is a simulation game where users can fight, work and even start businesses.

CAD Magnet (MAG)

Magnet DAO launched Tuesday at US $ 2.80 and briefly climbed to US $ 3.51. It has since fallen to US $ 2.02.

Magnet DAO claims to reward its token holders by using its cash reserves to invest in innovative projects. The platform uses ten percent of its profits to invest, making it more than a blockchain that increases its market capitalization. This structure makes it a blockchain of venture capital funds.


ApeBoys launched on Tuesday and aims to make NFT typing and P2E games very flexible for investors.

ApeBoys is an NFT token with a collection of 2,500 unique NFT artwork in development. Their goal is to make the international blockchain with great success already in China, achieved through a successful marketing campaign.

Blockchain deployment is planned for three phases with the second phase comprising staking, which is designed to bring more value to NFTs.

The third phase is the release of ApeVerse, a metaverse game involving virtual card games.

Govt World

GovWorld leverages the power of peer-to-peer cross-chain lending, making it the first decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem of its kind.

DeFi platforms exploded in 2021 and many turned the tide in the last few months of last year as the rest of the market plummeted.

Baby Clifford Inu (BABYCLIFF)

Memecoins are always a generic choice when selecting good coins. Another spinoff from the popular Dogecoin meme token is Baby Clifford Inu, which has seen tremendous growth over the past year.

BABYCLIFF launched on Tuesday and describes itself as a proprietary token with an anti-rug pull mechanism and a locked cash pool.

Four percent of each transaction is redistributed to its holders, which encourages investors not to sell.

While these parts can perform well if users get in early enough, be aware that this one is risky.

Final result

These are just five new cryptos that stand out from the countless others that have hit the market in recent days. Find out and stay up to date!