5 ideas to turn your window into a fashionable design statement

If your home consists of a large window at a strategic point, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t decorate it with embellishments. With all the accurate decoration pieces, it can actually become the idol of your home. From incorporating a plush cushion in front of your windows and shutters to earthy artifacts and vibrant hues, a little area lift can transform the look of your abode while making it the biggest eye-catcher in your home. With the tips and tricks mentioned below, it won’t be difficult to give your windows a prominent place in your interior design. Scroll down for 5 ideas to convert your window into a fashionable design statement.

A window seat is a must

Install a slim window banquette and bring a touch of glamor to your dwelling with ease and comfort. This type of seating area near your window will incorporate a diverse focal point into your space, making your evening cuppa or conversation calmer and more beautiful. Pair it with on-trend throw pillows, potted plants, and earthy accents for an enhanced look.

Tinting the shutters

A sleek window can be transformed into a trendy and lively border with the installation of inward opening shutters. To make it more eye-catching, play around with colors and paint them with the palette inspired by your home theme. You can never go wrong with metallic tones like gold and silver and it gives your space an extra dose of glamour.

bold shades

After a long domination of pastels, whites or grays, dark and bold tones are making a comeback in interior decoration. A bare window can be elegantly accented with bold patterns, geometric shapes and jewel hues. For drama, opt for geometric, floral, polka dot and pinstripe designs and turn your window area into a captivating focal point. A turquoise print can make the mood cheerful while pairing well with the bright aesthetic of the room.

Frosted glasses for victory

Printed frosted glass designs can add a sunny touch to your window. Its translucent effect will be beautiful while allowing you to change your look whenever you want. This style is perfect for those who want a short-term style and are not looking for a permanent window change. Decals or spray paint can also be chosen to finely dress up your bare windows. The frosted lenses will give you endless privacy while sifting heaps of sunshine inside.

Frosted glasses for victory

Lighting can make all the difference

An outstanding window is incomplete without the touch of a few large light fixtures. To set the tone and shape the mood, pretty tealights or twinkling bulbs, chandeliers or floor lamps can make all the difference. Pendant lamps can also be hung from the hanger for a more enhanced look.

It is extremely important to check your overall decor while decorating the windows for a more cohesive and neat appearance. Make sure you don’t overdo it and keep it subtle so it has space to reflect natural light inside.

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