“The PUMP Act is crucial at a time when many working mothers do not have basic facilities or the allotted time to express their infants’ milk. Returning to work is often one of the reasons mothers who start breastfeeding decide whether to stop or supplement with infant formula,” said the dietitian nutritionist and president of the Academy. Kevin L. Sauer.

As the world’s largest organization of food and nutrition professionals, the Academy continues to advocate for the creation of long-term solutions to infant formula shortages by reaching out to the administration and the Biden Congress and collaborating with partner organizations to address shortages. On May 19the Senate unanimously adopted Infant Formula Access Actwhich now awaits President Biden’s signature.

The Academy offers the following recommendations during the shortage of infant formula:

  • Parents should speak with their pediatrician to determine the best approach to feeding a baby under the current circumstances.
  • Breastfeeding by mothers will reduce the amount of formula needed to feed infants during this shortage and should be considered a first-line strategy for newborns.
  • Human breast milk from milk banks may be an option for some infants with critical needs, but parents are advised against sharing breast milk or purchasing it over the Internet.
  • Homemade formulas are not safe or nutritionally adequate for infants, nor are milks from other animals or plants as substitutes for breastmilk or infant formula.

The Academy calls on communities to continue to play a leading role in communicating with parents and mobilizing stocks of infant formula that may exist in hospitals and medical practices to increase access.

For more information, visit the Academy website. Infant Formula Safety Resources on

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SOURCE Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics