Ballast Community DAO launched with the goal of making DeFi safe and easy

Ballast Digital is launching the Ballast Community DAO, a group dedicated to optimizing DeFi Yield Farming and increasing accessibility to the nascent space for those curious about crypto.

Ballast Community DAO ($BLST), a new project from Ballast Digital, a Venture Studio in partnership with Seven Train Ventures, launched this month with a mission to make investing in DeFi safer and more accessible for the crypto-public. native and crypto-curious.

The first of several projects planned in the space by the company, the Ballast DAO is a community focused on identifying, exploring and implementing successful cross-chain DeFi farming strategies for maximum DeFi returns. . Members have access to research, group strategies, step-by-step guides, and information as the community builds the Ballast platform.

DeFi is an amazing opportunity

DeFi is an amazing opportunity for people, but for the non-crypto native, it’s brutal to get into; it’s intimidating. Plus, once someone’s there, it’s totally encompassing, which means for young professionals, families, and people who don’t have the time to devote to it. Ballast wants to change that. The project begins with a community-first approach to gain a more intimate understanding of friction blocks and significant pain points and focus on these as the platform prepares for release.

Full DAO Materials membership costs $1,000 BLST, which members must keep in their Web3 wallets to access the private sections of Discord, and tokens can be acquired through Uniswap on the Ethereum mainnet.

As the first step in the journey to make DeFi accessible, the team developed most of the infrastructure for the platform, which is scheduled for release in the second quarter of this year; BLST membership also gives them the opportunity to get a first taste of the platform.

About Ballast

Founded in 2021, Ballast is building the future of DeFi, intending to provide a platform that will allow anyone to securely and efficiently access DeFi returns. Designed for Ethereum Virtual Machine blockchain technology, the project combines in-house and community development to drive the project forward. A public roadmap is also available. The team intends to accelerate development by focusing on an open source community building approach. The project white paper is also publicly available.

Stay tuned

With more updates to be announced in the coming days and weeks, stay tuned @ballastfinance on Twitter or join the official Telegram and Discord group chats for more details on Ballast Finance

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