BoB awards Baroda Sun Achievement Awards to 5 companies for their significant contributions

Bank of Baroda celebrated its 115th founding day on Wednesday. To mark this milestone, the Bank has awarded the “Baroda Sun Achievement Awards 2022” to five inspirational individuals/companies who have made significant contributions in their respective fields, had a substantial impact on society and inspired others throughout. along their journey.

The theme for the bank’s 115th Foundation Day is “Enhancing Tech, Enriching Lives”, highlighting the central role technology plays at the Bank in increasing customer convenience, delivering better and more personalized service, automating processes, preventing fraud and deepen customer relationships.

In 2021, the Bank launched “BoB World”, a full-service mobile banking platform that offers 95% of the bank’s retail services and has over 23 million activated users to date.

Sanjiv Chadha, Managing Director and CEO of Bank of Baroda, said: “This is truly a momentous occasion. The bank’s Foundation Day is an opportune time to reflect and reflect on the bank’s achievements, but also, more importantly, to look to the future. We have a rich heritage, built on the trust of our customers. In addition, over the years, the Bank has undergone multiple strategic transformations, in step with the ever-changing needs and aspirations of its clients. With BoB World at the center, we bring a world-class banking experience at your fingertips.

“Today we are also delighted to congratulate the winners of the Baroda Sun Achievement Awards. These citizens are determined to make a difference and work hard to improve local communities and our society. At Bank of Baroda, we aim to follow in their footsteps and on our 115th Foundation Day, we are once again committing to be a partner in the country’s growth,” Chadha added.

The “Baroda Sun Achievement Awards 2022” were presented in five categories: Start-up, MSME Tech, Agri Tech, Social Service and Nature/Wildlife Conservation. The nominations were evaluated by an external jury composed of eminent opinion leaders. The winners of the ‘Baroda Sun Achievement Awards 2022’ are:

  • Start: Suhani Mohan & Kartik Mehta, Saral Designs (Maharashtra) – For their innovative and groundbreaking work to make menstruation safe for everyone.
  • MSME Technology: YK Behani and NK Behani, Tekno Valves (West Bengal) – for their excellence in the field of manufacturing high pressure gas cylinder valves for Indian and global markets.
  • Agritech: Mala Kumari, Nandini Agro Group (Bihar) – for her pioneering work in mushroom cultivation that helped uplift an entire village.
  • Social service: Asha Sawardekar (Goa) – for her selfless efforts in providing care for the elderly and being a beacon of hope in the lives of so many.
  • Nature/wildlife conservation: Himmataram Bhambhu (Rajasthan) – for devoting his life to environmental conservation and wildlife protection.

The bank also congratulated its brand endorsers and Indian sports icons, PV Sindhu and Kidambi Srikanth during its 115th Foundation Day celebrations.