Chinese Foreign Ministry welcomes Putin’s statement on cooperation – Russian Politics & Diplomacy

BEIJING, December 24. / TASS /. The Chinese authorities back Russian President Vladimir Putin’s comment on the progress of bilateral relations and hope that high-level joint efforts will strengthen the strategic partnership, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said on Friday at the meeting. ‘a briefing.

“We have taken note of President Putin’s positive assessment of Sino-Russian relations and we support this statement,” he said, invited to comment on the remarks made by the Russian leader during his annual press conference. the end of the year. “I hope that the Russian president’s visit to China will create new engines to strengthen Sino-Russian strategic partnership relations into a new era,” Zhao Lijian added.

According to the Chinese diplomat, Beijing plans to step up cooperation with Moscow on the basis of the agreements between the leaders of the two countries. He noted that China and Russia continued to support each other on the international stage. “We maintain cooperation at the highest possible level, this is a perfect example of the coexistence of two great neighboring powers,” Zhao Lijian concluded.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said at his annual press conference Thursday that strategic relations between Russia and China are a serious stabilizing factor on the international stage. He added that Moscow and Beijing maintain security cooperation, working together to develop high-tech weapons. The Russian leader also noted that China will inevitably become the world’s largest economy, which could happen in 2035-2050. Putin made it clear that the United States should realize that it would not be able to stop China’s development, so his boycott of the Beijing Olympics was a mistake.