Crelor Space launches digital training, learning and information platform to improve skills

In today’s world, the journey to personal development and career advancement is undoubtedly difficult for many. As a result, it’s not uncommon to see some of us struggling to establish career paths.

Due to the nation’s deficient education systems and unavailability of resources, readily available for career growth, the average youth and adult find it difficult to identify their purpose and thus become frustrated with what they are doing. , which has a negative impact on the nation.

Gone are the days when years of education guaranteed employment in the lucrative sectors of the corporate world. The education system does little sophistication to establish successful careers, and this has affected young people, adults and the nation in many ways.

According to a report released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), the unemployment rate in Nigeria has risen to 33%.

As a result, Crelor Space has decided to embark on a mission to equip young people and adults – aged 18 to 50, with easy and convenient access to learning in-demand technological skills so that young and adults can be part of the United States. Bureau of Labor Statistics which states that “computer and information technology job opportunities are expected to grow 13% through 2030 (this growth will include approximately ‘667,600’ new tech job openings information and related technology fields, which is a much faster pace than in 2030). good governance.

The platform aims to bridge the unemployment gap by connecting young people and adults aged 18-45 to the most in-demand tech skills, business skills and profitable network by securing job and internship opportunities.

Crelor Space was founded by Ujunwa Nnaekezie, a former business strategy expert, who decided to make a career change to build a successful career in the digital space.

Guided by her deep belief in value creation and financial security – the transition to a technological space, resonated deeply with her desire to be a bridge that connects young people and adults to the life they want to achieve through improving skills and building a valuable cycle.

Having enjoyed the amazing benefits of networking, she mentioned that the platform would serve as a means of valuable exchange among learners. She went further by emphasizing the importance of networking and the untapped benefits built into it, which is one of the reasons that led to the innovative incorporation of interactive networking sessions in partnership with Ujnetwork to facilitate the learning and growth.

The platform also promotes the sale of valuable courses, e-books, and growth materials from different renowned coaches and personalities.

Also considering the growing unemployment rate in the country, substandard systems, depression, lack of technical skills and overpriced tuition fees that come with learning technology skills, business skills and construction of a network that can spawn partnership and collaboration, Ujunwa was ‘ ‘ about creating a world of ease by harmonizing crucial needs under one platform for those who are ready to progress and evolve in life, in business and in technical skills.

In addition to providing creative minds with easy and convenient access to quality technical training, the platform provides industry-standard resources, mentorship programs and internship opportunities that boost the career advancement of the audience.

The platform officially launches today, September 28, 2022. It offers a wide range of courses that curb your ability to perform exceptionally in technology-related leadership roles and attract the right opportunity by mastering the networking skills.

Training and information on our platform:

• Technological skills: Digital Marketing, UI/UX Design, Copywriting, Graphics Design, Full Stack Web Development, 2D Animation & Video Editing, Business Technology, Data Science, Software Development, CCNA & CCNP.

• Business skills: how to get feedback from employees at work, how to effectively manage costs, how to identify and manage risks, how to manage innovation and control, how to stand out in a saturated market, how to increase sales, how to improve productivity in the organization, how to avoid decompressing, understanding the jdot business and so many others.

• Transformational and networking and inspirational teaching: this encompasses life coaching, from relationship to marriage, through emotions, mastering your emotions, your reaction to a situation, people with stories, building relationships. a tribe, motivational videos, e-books and how to live your best life.