Dubai Cares reveals ‘win-win’ formula to transform education at 77th UN General Assembly

New York: Dubai Cares, a civil society organization officially associated with the United Nations Department of Global Communications, unveiled the report “Rewiring Education for People and Planet” in New York during the Transforming Education Summit (TES) in collaboration with the Education Committee.

Held as part of the 77th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), the summit was convened by United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres in response to the ongoing silent crisis in education. The global gathering provided a unique opportunity to elevate education to the top of the global political agenda and mobilize action, ambition, solidarity and solutions to recover pandemic-related learning losses. The summit agenda was segmented into three days, namely: Mobilization Day, Solutions Day and Leaders Day.

Unveiled on Solutions Day, the Rewiring Education for People and Planet report offers six concrete “win-win” solutions that can align thinking and action across sectors and stakeholders, while integrating and capturing key results and recommendations from the conversations that took place during the RewirEd Summit at Expo 2020 Dubai last December. The main recommendations of this report contributed to the five courses of action and the broader results of the TES.

“Over the past 15 years, Dubai Cares has worked tirelessly to address key challenges facing the education sector and implement solutions that will enable countries to leverage education as the equalizer that she should be. Combined with the resounding success of the RewirEd Summit, our extensive experience and long-standing strategic partnerships with key global players have placed Dubai Cares in a leadership position to pursue its mission of rewiring education,” said Dr. Tariq Al Gurg, CEO and Vice President. President of Dubai Cares.

“The Rewiring Education for People and Planet report, which we developed in close collaboration with the Education Commission, is a roadmap we urgently need today to steer education towards a more sustainable future through to a cross-sectoral ecosystem approach. Our goal with this report is to provide a concrete pathway for the global community to rekindle the role of education as a force for change for humanity.

Gordon Brown, UN Special Envoy for Education and former British Prime Minister, thanked Dubai Cares and the Education Commission for making the event a success by bringing together global voices from different sectors, not only to discuss the challenges facing education, but above all to put forward solutions. He said: “Let us not lose hope and let us not lose sight of our ambition with all the solutions proposed today, with all the initiatives that have been taken, we can be the first generation in history where every child goes to school, but instead of developing only part of the potential of some children in some countries, we are developing the full potential of all children in all countries.

“Whole society” approach

The report outlines a vision for collaborative transformation and a clear call to action for different actors from different sectors to collectively rewire education systems to provide children and young people today with the skills, knowledge and values ​​they need to navigate the complexities of an unknown future. . In this context, Dubai Cares’ ‘Framework for the Global Transformation of Education’ calls for a ‘whole of society’ ecosystem approach to transforming education. The framework has been widely endorsed by the international education community and is featured on the TES website as a key reference tool for the national consultation process.

Dr Liesbet Steer, Executive Director of the Education Commission, said: “The needs of this generation are vast, interrelated and multifaceted, hence the need to join forces with other sectors to deliver on our promises. of peace and prosperity. We will not succeed if we cannot ensure that education becomes an integral part and a win-win investment with other SDGs. We must ensure that education takes its rightful place in conversations about our global economy, our health and our environment. When education becomes a more central theme of the G7, G20, COPs and the Future Summit, then we will know that we are on the right track.

During the Mobilization Day of the Transforming Education Summit, Dubai Cares, represented by Dr. Al Gurg, participated in the launch of the “Youth Declaration”. During the session, Dr. Al Gurg highlighted the importance of implementing the Declaration to transform education and the need to integrate young people into global development strategies and decision-making roles.

Dubai Cares also participated in a session entitled “Hungry Children = A Failed Education System – Why School Feeding is So Important to Transforming Education”, co-organized by Plan International Canada, the Ministry of Basic and Higher Secondary Education of the Sierra Leone, the Permanent Mission of Finland to the United Nations, the World Food Program and the School Meals Coalition. In his remarks, Dr. Al Gurg highlighted the central role school feeding programs play in supporting education transformation, which triggers a positive ripple effect on economic growth and human capital development. .

Dubai Cares also participated in the Leaders Day, where Dr. Al Gurg participated in the High Level Session on Digital Learning and Transformation with Pedro Castillo Terrones, President of the Republic of Peru; Niki Kerameus, Minister of Education, Greece; Nadiem Makarim, Minister of Education, Republic of Indonesia; Dipu Moni, Minister of Education of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, among other high-level dignitaries. During the session, Dr. Al Gurg highlighted the need for a digital revolution to leverage technology and connectivity as a game changer that can help bring education to even the most remote areas. of the world.

Dr. Al Gurg also participated in a youth-led festival organized by the United Nations Foundation during a session entitled “Rewiring Education Through Win-Win Solutions – Unlock The Future of Learning”, where he delivered a keynote speech. opening focused on Rewiring Education for People and Reporting on the Planet. Furthermore, Dr Al Gurg called on governments, development partners, civil society, business leaders, teachers and young people to work collaboratively across sectors, levels and stakeholders to endorse the findings. of the report to rewire education for people and planet.

Strong support for the Rewiring Education for People and Planet report and the Framework for Global Education Transformation from governments and other global agencies has further strengthened Dubai Cares’ position as a key contributor to advancing the global transformation agenda. education.