Electricity and agriculture named as an important formula for Cuba – Escambray

Agricultural managers in Cuba are looking for tools that allow them to solve problems in the sector and boost different areas such as energy, with a focus on energy saving, an official report says.

To this end, a guide of 100 questions and answers has been created by the Sembrar con Ciencia (“Sowing with science”) movement, aimed at promoting sustainable production.

Local press reports that the guide proposes a series of measures, from updating the contractual demand for electricity to separating the energy expenditure of pumping water for irrigation from the electricity consumption of lighting.

A person’s actions to reduce expenses are not only valid, but also essential. That is why they should focus on the concept of using electricity for irrigation, and the alternatives to minimize expenses are related to energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources, explains the item.

This is influenced by the correct selection of irrigation equipment (pump), suitable for the depth of water in the well dedicated for this purpose, as well as the contracted demand in the commercial office of the electricity company .

Pig and cattle farmers can use technologies such as solar water heaters for bathing processes in sanitary filters.

These elements, as significant examples, are part of agricultural strategies aimed at boosting the economy and saving energy carriers, as the press report recalls.