Ethiopia welcomes the statement of the Creditors’ Committee –

Ministry of Finance

Addis Ababa, August 24, 2022 (Walta) – The Ethiopian government commended bilateral creditor countries for their work in providing Ethiopia with the necessary financing assurance in line with the government’s overall strategy to reduce its debt burden from high to moderate, the ministry said. of Finance in a press release.

“The Ethiopian government thanks the Creditors’ Committee for its commitment and looks forward to a speedy conclusion of the debt treatment discussions,” he said.

“We also appreciate the IMF’s continued engagement in designing a new program to support Ethiopia’s ambitious economic growth,” he added.

The creditors’ committee formed to consider Ethiopia’s request for debt treatment under the Common Framework Suspension Initiative Beyond Debt Service met to discuss outstanding issues at the light of the discussion between the Ethiopian government and the IMF on July 19, 2022.

Following the announcement of the request for debt treatment by the Ethiopian government, the Creditors’ Committee met four times.

In due time, the government provided creditors with all relevant data on Ethiopia’s debt stock and strategy to manage its long-term debt vulnerabilities.