Fable partners with Batelco to make custom payouts seamless in real time

Fable Fintech announced its foray into Bahrain on Tuesday. Fable has partnered with Batelco, Bahrain’s leading telecommunications company, to enable personalized, transparent, real-time money transfers on its digital financial SuperApp, BeyonMoney. In line with the partnership, Fable has integrated its growth suite directly into BeyonMoney to make global remittances instant, easy and convenient for Batelco customers.

“We signed the agreement last year and have continued to focus on delivering a competitive and highly personalized system – duly integrated with Batelco’s unique proposition of a personal dashboard offering comparison of change – updated in real time.Our robust system not only synchronized seamlessly with state-of-the-art client-side modules, but also facilitated a faster design-to-delivery experience for the application.This prestigious partnership in one of the most competitive markets in the world has strengthened our focus and leadership,” said Naushad Contractor, CEO of Fable Fintech.

Fable’s successful implementation and operation of Batelco’s super money transfer app is testament to its credibility, capability and trust – built on a popular white label plug and play platform. Since its creation in 2015, Fable has already executed projects for more than 40 banks and money transfer operators in 12 countries; and successfully processed transactions worth $11 billion in the process.

Fable also recently announced its strategic partnership with XeOPAR, a one-touch cross-border payments and money transfer startup for everyone. The Fable Growth Suite (Retail) platform chosen by XeOPAR serves both inbound and outbound remittances. Additionally, it helps payment providers increase revenue from existing and new customers and improve profitability.