FLY aphromoo: “The #1 goal of supports is to make sure everyone follows the game plan.”

FlyQuest Support Zaqueri “aphromoo” Black is one of the oldest players in the LCS. In a league that has seen many of its old guard, like its former lane partner, Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng, walk away from the game, there’s something to be said for aphromoo’s ability to continue playing to the fullest. high level.

From its initial success on Counter Logic Gaming, as well as its time as one of the mainstays of establishing 100 Thieves in the LCS, to joining Dignitas and now FlyQuest, aphromoo has been through it all. And not only that, he has helped various players along the way. One such player is current FlyQuest ADC Johnson “Johnsun” Nguyen. An ADC he has teamed up with in the past on Dignitas can now be reunited with him again.

“After my contract expired, Johnsun contacted me,” aphromoo told Inven Global. “It was pretty cool to play with Johnsun. I enjoyed playing with him in 2020 on Dignitas, then you know he moved to FlyQuest, but he’s got a lot of talent. I think we have something special here. I just have to keep pushing forward; having games under our belt.”

There’s no denying that Johnsun has benefited from aphromoo’s presence – the only season Johnsun has played without veteran backing, he’s struggled to hold onto a starting spot and spent much of 2021 looking like a carry AD weakest of the LCS.

That hasn’t stopped aphromoo from joining FlyQuest, however, and the veteran support credits their ability to work well with Johnsun to their straightforward commentary, similarity in playstyle, and offbeat shooter sense of humor. ‘elite. “One of the things I love about him is that he’s really funny. He’s always doing memes and jokes – not the standard memes, just funny and ridiculous stuff,” aphromoo said, stifling a laugh. .

“I think it goes a long way to play with each other. I think one of our strengths is that we tell each other everything we need to hear to improve, and then we get it the first time,” the FlyQuest support continued. “We don’t have to rehearse yet. and again, and both of us are that same kind of player.

It certainly helps a lot in the bot lane, as well as the complementary nature of our styles. He is always super sharp and wants to punish the mistakes of the enemy. He’s always on top of the macro and gets a good draft game and stuff like that. The fact that Johnsun is very vocal is very nice and he has a lot of talent.

Source: Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

In a way, aphromoo has become a veteran to hire, in addition to his ever-high-end skills as a support. He’s been able to transition from team to team, sprinkling in a bit of success and leadership from promising new players along the way through his leadership, something he considers natural for him.

“I’ll be 30 this year, and I think as I get older I become more disciplined and observant,” aphromoo said. “I listen better than when I was younger, which comes with maturity. Whenever I’m in a team as a veteran, it’s important that every player I’m with feels heard by me. I I’m very good at being the facilitator and the mediator to make sure we’re moving on the right path. I feel like that comes with age.”

FlyQuest has been extremely transparent in their desire to sign aphromoo, stating in the announcement video that they are looking for a veteran to lead their team through the unification of their young talents. That doesn’t mean aphromoo gets a free pass to his own level of play, though. together.

“I think supporting play definitely shines when your team is on the same page,” aphromoo said. “When you’re all on the same macro, you set yourself up to be able to play a game that you really couldn’t participate in if you weren’t on the same page. The #1 goal for supports is to make sure everyone is following the game plan.

FLY has exceeded expectations at the start of the season, and the current team roster has already shown more synergy than the 2021 revolving door roster ever did.

Although it took FlyQuest a while to find its style in the current meta, aphromoo credits the team’s strong start in the Spring Split to communication benefits due to the team’s focus on strategy of the month of playing enchanters in the top lane with Smite. as opposed to a standard top lane.

“The top smite actually helped a lot with communication because when you have five members moving around the map because your top laner isn’t laning, it’s very important to have direct communication between each team member. “, explained aphromoo.

“There’s a lot more focus on that than just playing the game the standard way. I think all those discussions have definitely helped us improve a lot, both in that strategy and in our standard play. That’s nice to be able to take it out anytime, so teams have to worry about it.

Aphromoo has been on the pro scene for over 10 years – a rarity in all LoL Esports, not just the LCS. The motivation to keep going isn’t something that comes often, but in aphromoo’s case, that motivation isn’t always about him, it’s about the people around him.

“I think it’s the people, as long as I’m with people who like to play the game, who put in a lot of work and effort and stuff like that just makes it fun, especially when it’s in a setting of competition where you are I will shit on people and I love doing that.

At almost thirty years old, aphromoo is the oldest player in the LCS. However, if he continues to age like fine wine, expect to see support from league veterans for years to come.