Formula 1 | Alpine F1 ‘consistently made the wrong choices’ in Japan

Four races from the end of his collaboration with Alpine F1, Fernando Alonso no longer minces his words to the team. Very critical of the reliability of his A522 after Singapore, the Spaniard is now discussing his team’s strategy in Japan.

Alonso blames Alpine for stopping him too late at the first stop, but the team did not want to make a double pit stop and gave priority to Esteban Ocon, who was leading on the track. But the double world champion is also annoyed by the second stoppage.

“The strategy did not work for us” said Alonso. “We made the wrong choices all the time. First, we stopped last to get in the middle, we lost places. »

“Then we stopped too late for the second stage, six laps from the end, and I just finished in the same place as me. I asked to stop earlier each time. , but my mic may not have worked…”

“We should have stopped 10, 11 or 12 laps from the finish. Like I said, I don’t know what they were doing, and then we stopped with six laps to go. We had wasted an opportunity. »

Permane defends the choices of Alpine F1

Alonso had been stuck behind Sebastian Vettel for 13 laps when Alpine brought him in, and Alan Permane, the team’s sporting director, explains that had there been a final lap, the strategy would have been good to overtake the Aston Martin driver.

Moreover, the Briton clarified that with the track drying out, the team did not want Alonso to encounter too much overheating and degradation in his final stint, in which he was to attack.

“I think the race was stopped a lap too early, the checkered flag was a lap earlier than it should have been” says Permanent. “I think when Max crossed the line there were about five seconds left on the clock and then they put the checkered flag on the next lap. »

“If the race had gone the distance we thought, would he have passed Sebastian? Yes. also collapsed on this relay. »

“And so in hindsight, yes, we could have done it. But I don’t think we realized how easy it was going to be to pass people. He was talking about it and asking if we should think about each other. Stop. »

“We saw Zhou in the pits, and he was five seconds quicker on the lap. And we said, ‘ok, let’s do this.’ moreover, which I think should have been the case, he would have beaten Sebastien. »