Formula 1 | Binotto: “Ferrari took a step forward” at Monza

Ferrari looked in better shape at Monza, despite Max Verstappen’s victory. Mattia Binotto confirms that the F1-75 was in better shape than in Belgium and the Netherlands, and looks back on the progress made.

“If we look at the last three races, we haven’t been good enough” said Binotto. “We weren’t good in performance, and we weren’t good in race pace and degradation. »

“But here at Monza I think we have taken a step forward. It is also clear, if you look at the other cars behind us, that we have taken a step forward in qualifying performance. »

“We had good qualifying with both our drivers and I think there was a bit more race pace degradation compared to Max, but compared to the other cars we had a good performance.

“Carlos had a fantastic race and from the back he’s the one who has improved the most. He drove very well. He was fast at the end with the soft tyres. All in all, I think if your car gives you the opportunity to start 18th and possibly finish third, that’s a good performance. »

Red Bull “would have done the opposite” in terms of strategy

Binotto still defends Ferrari’s strategy at Monza, and the decision to stop Leclerc: “I think Max was just faster. But leading the race we saw that we had a bit more tire degradation than Max. Our strategy at that point was one stop, so without the car’s virtual safety we would have stayed on track. »

“But the virtual safety car was there, we were thinking about it, I think it was the right choice, we just decided to follow a different strategy with two stops. Just to not be on the same strategy as Max because we think it would have been faster. »

“Max and Red Bull were also ready for the pit stop, so they probably would have decided to do the opposite of Charles. We entered, they stayed outside. We had two stops, they had one and Max was just faster.

“I think I need a glass of red wine because it’s a very busy weekend. A lot of pressure. But still, our tifosi were there. It’s great to have their support and to see them really cheering us on every time Carlos overtakes, it’s always a good feeling. »