Formula 1 DFS expert survey

Formula 1 DFS Expert Survey – Rolex GP of Belgium

Who is your favorite captain for optimal lineups?

ebeimfohr: Sergio Perez
Stevietpfl: Sergio Perez

Who is your favorite captain for major field competitions?

ebeimfohr: Max Verstappen
Stevietpfl: carlos sainz

What is your favorite builder choice for optimal lineups?

ebeimfohr: Red Bull
Stevietpfl: Red Bull

What’s your favorite builder choice for big field contests?

ebeimfohr: mercedes
Stevietpfl: Ferrari

Who is your favorite salary saver on the board?

ebeimfohr: Kevin Magnussen
Stevietpfl: Kevin Magnussen

Which high-priced driver will you have little or no exposure to in tournaments?

ebeimfohr: george russell
Stevietpfl: george russell

Predict the first three of the race.

ebeimfohr: Verstappen, Hamilton, Leclerc
Stevietpfl: Perez, Sainz, Hamilton

What useful trend or statistic stood out the most in your research?

ebeimfohr: The large number of drivers who took penalties on the grid this week. Six drivers – Verstappen, Leclerc, Ocon, Bottas, Norris and Schumacher all move to the back of the grid. It’s one thing for a few drivers to take grid penalties, and quite another for 1/3 of the grid to do so, and especially when we include Verstappen and Leclerc. Our opponents tend to play F1 tournaments VERY chalky, and this upheaval should allow us to build teams for crazy scenarios with drivers from the back of the grid getting ownership cuts and potentially chalky drivers losing a lot of finishing places.

Stevietpfl: The race winner has started 1st in six of the last seven Belgian GPs. The last time the race winner started outside the top ten was in 2004 with Kimi Raikkonen.

How will you try to best differentiate yourself from the rest of the field?

ebeimfohr: Use of background grid pilots. The Red Bull and the Ferrari are very clearly the two fastest cars this week in practice and qualifying, so it’s not inconceivable that Verstappen or Leclerc will come from behind for a win or a podium, but we’ll definitely get property discounts on them. I’m also a Mercedes guy, and I think they’re the alternative to that approach. They haven’t had the pace so far, but I never count Lewis Hamilton on a run, especially when Max and Charles start at the back.

Stevietpfl: Go underweight Verstappen and Leclerc. They are two of the fastest cars on the grid, but with the penalties they will start outside the top ten. They will be marked from where they qualified (1st and 4th). There are a lot of downsides with a limited cap imo. Could they win, yes, but I think we see Sainz and Perez fighting for the win this weekend.

What is your hot take of the week?

ebeimfohr: Verstappen and Leclerc both come from behind to finish on the podium, alongside Lewis Hamilton.

Stevietpfl: Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes are finally putting in place the right strategy to win a race.

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