Formula 1 | Ferrari: “To win in F1, you need excellence” according to Jean Todt

Jean Todt, the former president of the FIA ​​spoke about the situation of the Scuderia of which he was the main team for more than 15 years, from 1993 to 2007.

He was one of the protagonists, along with Ross Brawn and Michael Schumacher, of this magic triangle which brought the Scuderia back to the top of world motorsport after more than 20 lean years. And, therefore, if Todt speaks of Ferrari, he does so with good reason, knowing well the dynamics experienced in the team.

“This season, a great car has been designed by Maranello, which means the team is working well,” note the French to start with.

“Something is still missing because, to win in F1, you need excellence, from all points of view. And when the excellence is not there, it is important to understand where the error comes from. If you often make the same mistakes, there is something to change. »

“Ferrari had the best car at one point in the year, but lost too many opportunities, because of issues as different as safety cars, strategy or reliability. It was several episodes that put together have a price: Ferrari must work on it, without taking anything for granted. »

Todt is not one to call in a new manager, however, seeing Mattia Binotto as a capable guide to Ferrari’s men.

“Every era is different, I can’t give Binotto any advice, because it’s very easy to talk without knowing the situation. Ferrari is fine, maybe people don’t realize the very high level of competitiveness that a championship demands. of the F1 world. Almost all of us would love for Ferrari to win championships again, the drivers’ title missing since 2007 (when Todt left). »

“I know Ferrari have been waiting for a long time, but the end goal is very close. There may be other possibilities next year. »