Formula 1 | Horner hails ‘respect’ between Red Bull and Ferrari this season

Red Bull boss Christian Horner has welcomed a clean fight with Ferrari, as well as between Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc, since the start of the season. The Brit is obviously referring to the fierce battle with Mercedes F1 and Lewis Hamilton last year.

“It’s a competition centered on what happens on the track” said Horner. “There hasn’t been a lot of politics and bullshit about what happens off the track. »

“There is a respect between the two teams which is extremely competitive. We are head to head in every race and there is a real respect between the drivers and the teams which is a pleasure to see.

And Horner took the opportunity to relaunch a battle of words with Toto Wolff, who declared before the French Grand Prix that the Mercedes W13 was getting closer to victory, and that the Mercedes team would work on its single-seater in the coming weeks. .

“They made a few claims before the weekend, but Max was able to control that quite easily. I heard Toto say that they are working over the summer vacation to improve the car. Of course, that would be illegal.” he smiled.

“We seized more of our opportunities”

Horner recognizes that his team has been more lively at the start of the year compared to its potential which it has exploited to the best. But the director of Red Bull nevertheless salutes the work of the Scuderia on its single-seater, the F1-75.

“Ferrari has a great car. I think they are a little better than us on the sidewalks. We have a very slippery car from an aerodynamic point of view, so it is fast on the straights. »

“It was very tight at almost every race we’ve been to this year. It all depends on who will succeed on D-Day, with tire wear, temperature, pit stops, strategy, everything is crucial. ”

“It was very, very tight. I think we may have tried our luck more in the first half, but I expect it to be very tight in the second half. »