Formula 1 | Leclerc: Performance is not what Ferrari lacked this season

With world titles promised to Red Bull and Max Verstappen this year in F1, Charles Leclerc calls on Ferrari to focus solely on its own performances in the remaining five Grands Prix in order to prepare well for the 2023 season.

The Monegasque could postpone the deadline for the coronation of his rival this weekend in Japan, but he would especially like his team to manage to win as many races as possible through Abu Dhabi, and this by erasing some of his faults which weighed him down this season.

“As I said in Singapore, you have to make the most of these last races,” said Leclerc at Suzuka.

“I realistically think Max will be champion, otherwise this weekend will be very, very soon, but we just have to focus on ourselves and have a good Sunday. »

“Because performance is not what we lacked this season. From the first race until today, we have always displayed a sufficient level of performance to play for victory, with the exception of a few weekends, but very few. »

“I think it’s mostly about putting everything in place on Sunday: strategy, tire management, and yes, that’s what we’re focusing on right now and that’s the step we have to take. in order to fight for the championships next year. »

Red Bull as dominant as at Spa this weekend?

Returning to the Japanese weekend, the Monegasque driver expects to see Red Bull as successful as at Spa where he had signed the double, despite the 14th place of the winner Max Verstappen on the starting grid.

“Red Bull is going to be very strong here. It’s a track where you drive the car in a similar setup to Spa, so I expect them to be very, very strong. Hopefully we will have learned from Belgium and be stronger on our side. »

Like the rest of the field, Leclerc welcomes Suzuka’s return to F1 after the event has been absent from the calendar for the past two years.

“Personally, I think all riders love the first sector. It’s an incredible challenge, this section is so fast and the corners come together, if you miss one you’ll miss the whole section, that’s what makes it so exciting from a driving perspective. »

“And then of course there are the fans who are all passionate and always full of creative ideas, we always have a good time here. »