FOX’s Tucker Carlson takes Putin’s side, making excuses for Russian aggression to invade Ukraine

Vladimir Putin’s puppet Fedorovych Yanukovych was the president of Ukraine until he was ousted by massive public protests in Kyiv after a stolen election. Yanukovych attempted a bloody crackdown by using military snipers, among other things, to kill protesters in Maidan Nezalezhnosti (“Independence Square”) in Kyiv in 2014.

the Maidan protest movement

Putin wants Ukraine to once again become one of Russia’s client states, like Kazakhstan and Belarus, where Kremlin-friendly dictators rule with brutality.

Through Colby Hall

But just seconds after airing the clip of Scarborough mocking media hosts promoting Putin propaganda, the Fox News host did precisely that: he openly promoted foreign policy propaganda that benefits the Russian president. Vladimir Poutine as Russian troops masse on the Ukrainian border while undermining any value NATO members have at the same time. Eh.

“So you must be wondering why is this happening? Why are the Russians so upset? Why do we go to conflicts? He asked. “Well, there is a reason. During several different administrations, the United States government pushed Ukraine to join NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

“Imagine if Mexico fell under the direct military control of China,” Carlson then explained to those of his viewers who are willing to accept a comparison between China and NATO that is necessary for Carlson to make this twisted metaphor. “We would see that as a threat; of course, there would be no reason for that. This is how Russia views NATO control over Ukraine, and why wouldn’t it? We get nothing for pushing Ukraine into NATO, so why are we doing this? »

Russia and Vladimir Putin see Ukraine NATO membership as a threat because adherence to this conventional alliance will serve as massive support for Russian aggression exemplified by the annexation of Crimea. Ukraine offers many strategic advantages for Russia, which probably explains why Putin has amassed troops on his border in what can rightly be called a threatening posture.

Donald Trump probably promised Putin not to allow Ukraine to join NATO. Now Putin must miss his “Trumpushka”.

Russian state media pine for their beloved ‘Trumpushka’ – we ‘miss him so much’.

Kremlin propaganda emphasizes the threat of escalation into World War III, to exaggerate the consequences of opposing Russian aggression in Ukraine. Making the false choice of supporting either Ukrainian self-determination or nuclear holocaust.

By Julia Davis

Russian state television propagandists express their delight at apparently having the likes of Tucker Carlson in their corner, praise its coverage as the best example of Russia’s successful influence operations abroad. Carlson’s talking points often sound identical to those pushed by Kremlin propagandists — or by Putin himself.

During one of his emissions on Fox News in December, Carlson argued that “NATO exists primarily to torment Vladimir Putin.” He worried about the possibility of “a takeover of Ukraine by NATO”, and described the 2014 Maidan revolution as a revolution organized by the United States “coup in Ukraine”. He also baselessly accused Joe Biden of fomenting “a hot war with Russia.” By the next day, translated quotes from Tucker Carlson’s show were widely circulated. broadcast on Russian state television. After watching Carlson’s remarks during the live taping of 60 mins, Igor Korochenko, member of the Public Council of the Russian Ministry of Defense and editor of the National Defense magazine noted: “Excellent performance, with which we can only express our solidarity.”

Carlson’s claims that the United States is pushing the world on the brink of nuclear war with Russia fits perfectly with the Kremlin’s current propaganda offensive.

Carlson joins the Kremlin in blaming the United States for everything happening in Ukraine, when Putin clearly fabricated this whole crisis.

Political scientist and communications professor Dmitry Evstafiev explained scare tactics, intended to convince ordinary Americans to give up on American interests in order to avoid war with Russia.

Tucker Carlson makes FOX ‘News’ a propaganda outlet for the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin.