Futuristic shoe designs that are ergonomic, comfortable + a great style statement

With our busy lives that require us to run all day, the right shoes can make all the difference. Shoes started out as functional designs meant to protect our feet, and yes, we should choose ones that do just that, BUT, they should also reflect our style statements and represent our personality and personal sense of fashion. After all, don’t they say you can tell a lot about a man by the condition of his shoes? Personally, I like a good pair of sturdy and stylish sneakers, the ones that can get me through the day without hurting my shoes, and also match my outfits! However, I know that is not the case for everyone. People have high demands and expectations when it comes to their shoes, which is why designers unleash all their creativity, sparing no effort to create unique, innovative and ergonomic shoes! From hiking shoes with adaptive protection to trendy minimalist sneakers inspired by Nike, these shoe designs are as futuristic, inventive and fashionable as they come!

1. Diverted vision

Defined by its padded design and minimalist profile, Averted Vision is practical and fashionable. Cushioned soles take up about half of the shoe’s side profiles, providing enough bounce for gravity-free play. Conceptualized without laces, Averted Vision could benefit from textile technology to conform to the feet of the wearer for a snug and comfortable fit. The shoe’s silhouette appears to be inspired by today’s designs, like the Yeezy Foam Runners and Boosts. It sometimes feels like life on Mars is just a stone’s throw away these days, so it’s no surprise that forward-looking designers are influenced by today’s trends.

2. The Nanoflex Parafit TR and the MEMT Parafit Club

Reebok really wants to help the disabled community with a collection of lifestyle and performance-oriented sneakers. This new edition sneaker is designed in partnership with Zappos Adaptive and includes two sneakers designed for easy on and off to make life easier for people with disabilities. Dubbed Nanoflex Parafit TR and Club MEMT Parafit, these sneakers are low-top and feature removable sock liners (for orthotics) and high-abrasion rubber outsoles for superior grip. While the Nanoflex Parafit TR has a breathable mesh upper, a medial zipper and a heel pull tab for easy on or off, the Club MEMT Parafit has a leather upper and an extra 4E width.

3. Koio x Norm Architect sneakers


KOIO is known for making things more interesting through its partnerships with other brands. His collaborations with sneaker brands not only tell us about Koio’s design philosophy, but about the other brand as well. The collaboration with Norm Architects resulted in a pair that can be worn for most occasions. The pair is available in two different colorways: Cliff and Black Timber. Versions for men and women are available in different sizes. The sneaker collaboration is a minimalist silhouette of the classic Oxford shoe with a twist. It has also gained a furniture counterpart which is beautiful, casual yet elegant, oak.

4. PATRÓN’s Limited Edition Tequila x John Geiger GF-01 Sneakers

Patrón x John Geiger GF-01 Trainers

Design details of the Patrón x John Geiger GF-01 sneakers

The PATRÓN Tequila x John Geiger Limited Edition GF-01 sneakers are crafted from rare materials with the designer’s creative principles in mind. Geiger was thinking about style, comfort and versatility – and that’s what sneakers deliver. The shoes are versatile, like tequila PATRÓN, so you’re free to use the pair on the street or on the pitch. John Geiger’s signature urban style and “g” logo have been applied to the pair. The green and white color will remind you of the agave fields of Jalisco.

5. Running shoes 38%_2101

Space-X sneakers for Mars Process

38%_2101 Mars Material Running Shoes

Once you’ve set foot on Mars, it can be nice to wear something cool and durable like the 38%_2101 running shoes for MARS. The pair is based on the Y-3 running shoes and looks very futuristic. The designer decided to opt for the Y-3 because the brand has a futuristic vision. The 38%_2101 running shoes for Mars seem out of this world, but the pair is also something we can still wear on Earth. The designer’s process included several other inspirations such as aerospace equipment and minimal color units and a few cleanly shaped elements.

6. Land Ascension

The Terrein Ascent is made primarily with the idea of ​​reducing the risk of ankle injuries among adventurers. Adaptive ankle support – touted as being three times more responsive than a human reflex – can reduce the risk of injury and provide consistent ankle support. Additionally, the Ascent is made to increase stability with its immaculate construction.

7. Earth Moc

The highlight of this shoe called Earth Moc is its design. The entire shoe is made from a single material, much like a Croc, except it features interlocking elements that provide the stretch and flexibility of a conventional sandal. While most mono-material shoes are made by injection molding an elastomer, Shirley’s concept follows a different path. The interlocking elements are virtually impossible to mold in a traditional injection mold, which is why Shirley resorted to 3D printing. Prototypes of the shoe were made by Swiss company Sintratec, a 3D printing and solutions company. Inspired by the interweaving of roots and vines, Shirley’s shoe was 3D printed on the Sintratec S2 system with flexible TPE.

8. The Poseidon

Benjamin’s shoe design breaks the mold of how shoes are usually perceived. While a regular sneaker can be seen in three different strata – an outsole, a midsole, and a shoe body (which houses the laces), the Laceless Poseidon doesn’t share the same distinction. Looking like it’s shrouded in an alien substance, the Poseidon’s outsole and body merge into one, with organic patterns that look like fingerprints adding a unique touch to the shoe’s overall aesthetic.

9. NASA Inspired Soccer Shoes

Wouldn’t you like to see a Messi vs Ronaldo game on the moon to determine who the GOAT is once and for all? Sure, they’d be wearing space suits or literally flying while trying to kick the ball, but wouldn’t that be fun to watch? Well, since it’s still quite far in the future (we could have Ronaldo and Messi’s kids playing at that point), having a space-themed, futuristic design for the soccer cleats is the best thing to do. The question for the designer is whether NASA started making football boots. What he came up with are futuristic designs inspired by the moon and space, but which are also minimalist in their aesthetics. It uses basic colors like white, blue, red, and silver, adding a spatial shine to the boots.

10.NikeAircraft GPS

NikeCraft GPS Design

NikeCraft GPS X Tom Sachs Collab

The NikeCraft line gets a new addition in the form of the NikeCraft General Purpose Shoe (GPS). The new pair is described as an “ordinary shoe for extraordinary people” because it can let you do anything, anywhere. The NikeCraft GPS celebrates a 10-year collaboration between Tom Sachs and Nike. This partnership has already introduced several pairs that offer new things for the future of the sport and every athlete.