Gigi and Bella Hadid make a statement at Victoria Beckham’s Paris Fashion Week debut

Victoria Beckham made her Paris Fashion Week debut on Friday with a cast of five-star models, her family front row and a collection full of avant-garde sophistication.

The former Spice Girl, 48 – who has been absent from the catwalks for two years – hopes joining the most prestigious date on the fashion calendar can help her business get out of debt.

She sent superstar model Bella Hadid in an elegant green dress with long latex gloves, while her sister was dressed in a black pantsuit.

Beckham herself did not appear on the catwalk at the end of the show as is normal at fashion week.

Instead, she then mingled with the crowds in the courtyard of the venue, the Val-de-Grâce Abbey, on the arm of her husband David Beckham – a rare gesture in the usually curly world of high fashion , and pointing it downward -approaching the earth.

“It’s London coming to Paris, and that’s cool,” she told the crowd as she posed for photos with her son Brooklyn and new wife Nicola Peltz.

On the catwalk, everything was exacerbated femininity: stilettos, cut-outs, transparent tops, tight dresses – and presented with a very traditional range of very fine models, not far from the stylist’s image.

Pink, blue, mauve and lilac – there were spring colors among the most expensive black at Beckham.

Beckham’s sophisticated office and evening looks have been a surprise hit with fashionistas since her first runway show in 2008, baffling those who expected her to be just another dilettante celebrity.

She mostly showcased her clothes in New York, aside from a brief banter with London.

But despite 250 global outlets selling her clothes, 30 million Instagram followers and one of the world’s most famous husbands, Beckham’s company has always struggled to turn a profit.

To turn the tide, it has recruited the best French talents: its president is Ralph Toledano, ex-president of the French Federation of Haute Couture and Fashion, and its CEO is Marie Leblanc de Reynies, former main buyer of Mecca shopping in Paris. Spring.

“Victoria is not from the fashion world. She got into the business and at some point she needed to structure, organize and put the house in order, it’s what we have been doing for four years.” Toledano told AFP.

Smart office and evening wear was always going to struggle during the pandemic, and reports this summer showed the label was in debt for £54m and needed to cut prices and staff to stay afloat.

But a successful cosmetics line, launched in 2019, has reduced losses, and the team hopes to break even in the coming months.

“We’ve mapped out a strategy, combined two ready-to-wear lines, found the right price…now it’s time to step into the big leagues,” Toledano said.

Paris Fashion Week is a way for Beckham to validate her status “as a designer and not just a celebrity”, said Benjamin Simmenauer, a professor at the French Fashion Institute.

She joins fellow Brits Vivienne Westwood and Stella McCartney in the official Paris calendar, as well as rising stars such as Craig Green…AFP