Go Solar Group and 1heart1mind Release 2022 Humanitarian Impact Statement

SALT LAKE CITY, February 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — 1heart1mind, a subsidiary of Utah, Nevada, New Mexicoand Florida solar business, Go Solar Grouppublished its 2022 impact statement, which presents the progress made in Uganda towards self-reliance, education, health care and clean energy production. In Go Solar Group’s more than 10 years of overseas work experience in conjunction with 1heart1mind, 2022 impact data reveals demonstrable progress toward fulfilling the founders’ organizational mission.

“For every residential solar system we install in the United States, we work with 1heart1mind to fund the solar equivalent of every U.S. installation for Uganda families, which is what our domestic solar customers are contributing to when they choose us as their solar company,” notes Scott Cramer, president and co-founder of Go Solar Group. Our shared vision with Ugandan residents, which inspired the creation of 1heart1mind, is to improve lives around the world through the potential of solar energy. The environmental, social, financial, health and educational implications of the progress we have made in 2021 gives us hope that the global economy will increasingly see solar energy as an infinite and sustainable resource for improving lives – not only as a tool to save money on electricity bills,” concludes Cramer. Economic impact data for 2021 is provided below by category.

Solar energy
Clean solar power provided to Ugandan residents has had a huge economic impact in 2021, providing 226 solar lamps to 179 households, which generated 1,700 additional study hours to continue secondary education for Ugandan children.

Autonomy and education
With a total of 161 students, 70 now attend boarding school and 41 have received scholarships. To date, these improvements can be linked to the creation of 23 new paid jobs.

Health – Suncrest Clinic
After the Suncrest Clinic opened in mid-2021 (July), it provided needed medication for 95 patients, 35 of whom received charity care free of charge.

Loans received
With the help of Zion Microfinance Ltd, residents have registered 135 active loans each month, of which 25, on average each month, are new. This brings the total amount of loans deployed in 2021 to $958,561.

About Go Solar Group:

Go Solar Group is a residential solar company whose head office is at Salt Lake City, UTwith additional physical locations in Reno, Nevada; and Albuquerque, New Mexico. Founded in 2011, the company initially supplied solar power to Africagiving a 1:1 buying opportunity to off-grid areas in Uganda and Zambia through his GiveSolar humanitarian program. Since establishing himself as an authority on battery backup, industry news, solar products and solar installations through his solar blogthe company has since partnered with Titan Solar Power, expanding its installation capability to Florida solar market.

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