H. S. Prannoy’s big statement, said – “Despite an ankle injury, I’m not giving up…”

After recording one of the most memorable wins of his career even after an ankle injury, Indian badminton player HS Prannoy says the mentality of not giving up under any circumstance buoyed him to a resounding victory against Denmark in the Thomas Cup semi-finals. finals. Prannoy performed brilliantly in the decisive singles match that made Indian men’s team history with a 3-2 victory over Denmark here on Friday.

The Indian team managed to reach the Thomas Cup final for the first time. Against world No. 13 Rasmus Gameke, Prannoy also suffered an ankle injury due to a slip on the pitch, but the Indian continued the fight after taking a ‘medical time-out’. He looked to be struggling on the pitch but despite those troubles he won 13-21 21-9 21-12 to write India’s name down in the pages of history.

Prannoy said after the match that mentally there were a lot of things going on in my head. After I slipped, I felt more pain than usual and I wasn’t even able to walk properly. I wondered what to do in such a situation. We were talking about not giving up in my head, I just wanted to try and see how things were going. I prayed that the pain wouldn’t increase. My pain started to subside in the second game and by the third game I felt much better.

The Indian side hadn’t made it past the semi-finals since 1979. But they showed fighting spirit and beat 2016 champions Denmark. Prannoy said his plan was to keep the pressure on his opponent going to court after the medical timeout and that worked in his favor as well. He said the strategy we used in the second and third games was very important. The strategy was to keep the pressure on and I knew if I took a good lead in the second half there would be another opportunity to stay in the game.

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