Halma India Internship offers rich learning and market insights in niche sectors

Bangalore, Karnataka, India:
Eleven graduates pursuing Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degrees from some of India’s top institutes have joined the Halma India MBA internship program this year.

The program is designed to equip graduates with the skills to solve complex business problems and make data-driven decisions in the organization through market research.

Launched in 2014 as an initiative to support Halma’s growth strategy in the Indian market, the program has evolved over the years, bringing significant value to the organization and helping to strengthen the business drivers of companies in India. ‘Halma using rich information on niche markets.

Each year, between May and July, interns are integrated for a period of two months after a thorough recruitment process on campus. Throughout the internship journey, they are exposed to how life-saving technologies meet Halma’s purpose and create a positive impact for everyone, every day. This includes understanding how businesses are solving the big problems facing the world today.

The program provides in-depth insight into how individual businesses maintain their autonomy, identity, brand and culture while benefiting from knowledge sharing within the Halma network.

“It’s the 9e year since the launch of the MBA internship program, and I can say with confidence that we offer one of the best internship experiences across the program. It helps graduates better understand the dynamics of working for a global group of life-saving technology companies,” said Prasenjit DattaManaging Director, Halma India.

“We attract exceptional people and give them the opportunity to work directly in our three sectors – healthcare, environment and analytics, and security. During the program, they collaborate with our teams and individuals representing our various businesses and learn from experienced mentors, who give them the skills and mindset to solve complex business problems.

Sunil Balan, Managing Director, Marketing, Halma India and Internship Program Coordinator, added, “One of the main areas of focus of the program is to provide a holistic learning opportunity within our diverse businesses. We also provide them with hands-on experience in market research and analysis, market mapping, competitive analysis and consumer behavior. These interns have made a significant contribution to our group of companies, conducting research and gathering valuable insights in areas such as market size, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory frameworks, location, sourcing and entry strategies.

Ayaskanta Dasa graduate of IIT Kharagpur and an intern who has worked closely with Halma Enterprises in the environment and analytics sector, shared, “I had the opportunity to build my project independently , from start to finish, with mentoring and guidance to each organize.I conducted an in-depth study based on the plan provided by Halma to identify acquisition prospects of Indian companies that create innovative products and solutions in niche markets across India The scope of the project and the research process challenged me on many levels as I had to apply much of my learning and understanding through technology , finance and Halma’s aim to build a pipeline that would support Halma’s inorganic growth strategy in the region.I am extremely happy to lead this study, which is important for Halma in India as it acts as a quick guide to market opportunities and a basis for future investments.

Another intern, Anushka Paranjpe, Great Lakes, added, “Halma is a purpose-driven organization and understanding how its purpose impacts people and the community was both daunting and enlightening. It helped me to think beyond my task and focus on the result. As a result, even the most complex work has become simple, meaningful and satisfying. My internship project required in-depth collaboration with professionals from Halma’s various activities to build information based on studies and data. It helped me not only to solve the business challenge, but also to develop my basic research and analytical skills. During my internship, I also met many other interns and colleagues from Halma companies at various internal events that foster collaboration and team spirit.”

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As a global group of life-saving technology companies, Halma is committed to creating a safer, cleaner and healthier future for everyone, every day. Its group of nearly 50 companies provides life-saving technologies to help solve many of the pressing problems of our time, from water pollution to chronic disease.

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Halma India accelerates the Indian market activities of more than 40 Halma companies in the safety, environment and health markets, providing strategic services in areas such as software research and development, digital transformation, sales and marketing, business operations and talent acquisition.

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