Hisense donates quality devices to the PARIS-SAINT-GERMAIN endowment fund, for a better world through charity

Hisense, a leading technology company in the world, became a global partner of Paris Saint-Germain in 2020. Since then, benefiting from this partnership, Hisense has gained a lot of recognition and support from consumers and established stronger emotional bonds with football fans around the world. As a socially responsible company, Hisense has gone further and strengthened its partnership by donating several high-tech devices to non-profit programs and has become a patron of the Paris Saint-Germain Endowment Fund.

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Solidarity Canteen (Photo: Business Wire)

Hisense donated TVs to fully support and foster the development of young people

Hisense donated TVs to the Paris Saint-Germain Endowment Fund; these televisions were used in the Cantine Solidaire organized by the Paris Saint-Germain Endowment Fund in March 2022, where 200 teenagers were welcomed at the Parc des Princes. The event focused on equality, sport, culture, the digital world, citizenship and music with students invited to lunch, sports and leisure activities and a CV workshop.

Sabrina Delannoy, Deputy Director of the Paris Saint-Germain Endowment Fund, commented on this partnership: “We are delighted that the club’s partners are interested in our projects and are committed to supporting us. It shows that the members of the Paris Saint-Germain family share our values. Hisense is an example for others to follow, we hope to continue working together for the long term.”

Hisense fulfills its corporate social responsibility and aims to create a better and sustainable world

Cédric Audebert, Vice-President of Hisense France, said: “As a partner of Paris Saint-Germain, we are very interested in the social initiatives of the Paris Saint-Germain Endowment Fund. Sport is a means of sharing and expressing solidarity, two values ​​that are essential to us. Our goal is to provide unwavering support to the Paris Saint-Germain Endowment Fund and we invite all companies to join us.

Hisense is dedicated to charity and sustainable development around the world, it has donated many high-tech home appliances exclusively for Paris Saint-Germain Endowment Fund programs. As part of the above donation, Hisense donated TVs for “PSG HOLIDAYS”, provided better equipment for children to have a better training experience; In addition, Hisense donated a big-screen TV for the “Red & Blue School Program”, provided long-term support and a better environment for after-school training.

Hisense upholds the people-oriented concept, actively supports charitable organizations, focuses on social responsibility, and strives to make new contributions to global sustainable development.