How Chris Davis uses his DIY skills to create a well-oiled RevOps machine

For some entrepreneurs, the isolation of the pandemic has revealed a new mission. Here’s how Newsweek Expert Forum member Chris Davis’ commitment to sharing his knowledge with others has garnered a devoted following and lucrative relationships.

When the pandemic started, Chris Davis, one half of the team that founded Philadelphia-based inbound marketing firm Revcarto, was living with his parents. Within four years of college, Davis had worked at Disney, first in the corporate college program, then in retail and as a trainer for new program members. Later, he held a multimedia position (graphic and instructional design) at Comcast. However, none of these fully matched his interests, which led Davis to explore freelance opportunities in UX and UI design, SEO, social media marketing, and content creation.

Then the pandemic hit. “I was living with my parents and couldn’t go out much,” laughs Davis. “So I was like, ‘Let me lock myself in my room and work.'”

Many of Davis’ most lucrative skills are self-taught — he says he’s “not a big fan of college” and learned most of his skills from YouTube. With “nothing to do but lean into social media” due to the lockdowns, Davis began posting the kinds of videos that helped him learn these valuable skills. “I was posting educational content, following the style of Gary Vaynerchuk – giving value and really taking nothing,” says Davis. “I was really producing content to help people learn web design and branding and stuff like that, and people liked it. So I started getting a lot of quick friends on Instagram. And then I heard Gary talking about LinkedIn and TikTok.’” Davis quickly established a presence across all social media channels, delivering innovative content to a growing audience.

At the time, platforms like TikTok were dominated by dance videos, which made Davis’ content unusual. He made videos on how to use certain types of software or strategies to earn an income through self-taught digital skills, adding that his videos were “very pandemic-related because people didn’t have jobs. and struggling, looking for work.” The relevance of Davis’ content to people’s lives at that time helped him gain an audience, which he leveraged in a podcast, “The Creative Brief,” and then eventually in his company Revcarto, which he co-founded with partner Jason Bramble in 2020.

Revcarto’s success is based on many of the very skills Davis learned himself in his parents’ home during the pandemic. Describing its focus as “RevOps,” the company provides marketing and sales strategy, tactical execution, analytics, and technology advice to B2B organizations looking to improve and sustainably grow their bottom line. “What we do is identify the ‘pain point’ – if a company is struggling to build its brand, get leads, or close deals,” says Davis. “Or the problem could be on the backend – getting repeat customers, business reviews, or reputational issues. We identify the problem, then step in and fix it.”

Davis credits her relationship with co-founder Jason Bramble and the diverse skills each brings to the table for Revcarto’s rapid success. “My partner has a very analytical and operational skill set, so we get along well,” Davis says. While Bramble can do things like set up CRMs and notice what’s wrong with Salesforce or HubSpot, Davis focuses on brand building, leveraging her skills with social media (including targeted ads) and content strategy, and developing compelling verbal and visual systems.

One skill that Davis proactively honed, without the aid of YouTube videos: communication. “Often, customers want to hear from you before contacting you,” Davis says. “So I always tried to beat them to the punch – by asking them something, or showing them something, or trying to schedule a meeting.”

Davis recognizes that poor communication can cause a company to quickly lose ground with its customers. “I just don’t ever want to put off communication until they contact me because it doesn’t look good,” he says, acknowledging that the Revcarto team has dutifully worked to better anticipate needs. client. “We constantly want to provide value to them so they get everything they pay for.”