How Your Face Fashion 2022 Can Be Your Eye Fashion Statement

The Indian eyewear industry has witnessed a noticeable transformation from a traditional market to a promising consumer-centric market over the past few decades – driven by evolving technological innovations in eye care and a special attention to design, aesthetics and transition in people’s choice of accessorizing.

Style-conscious consumers want to choose the best pair of glasses for themselves that don’t compromise their style quotient – the eyewear industry has understood this need and stepped up to meet different vision requirements while satisfying fashionistas with innovative solutions in the latest styles and designs.

The wide range of eyewear products like electric glasses in fashionable frames, ultra-chic sunglasses, advanced lenses are witnessing a growing demand among discerning consumers, resulting in an industrial impetus for the sector.

India’s facial fashion is being reinvented and it has become an absolute eye-opener for today’s youth to explore a realm of fashion and beauty that goes beyond stereotypical dress fashion or traditional bling. Accessorizing in the best possible way is the new hot thing and when it comes to accessorizing your face, the eyewear industry has it all. Wearing stylish glasses can give your appearance a complete makeover and raise the style quotient. A new pair of eye-catching, modern glasses can seriously refresh your look, whether you wear them as prescribed or simply as a fashion statement.

Eye-fashion is the chic style statement for millennials, and the eyewear industry is booming with new designs and technologies to meet the visual and fashion needs of all ages. As eyewear becomes more and more commoditized, there is a visible difference in eyewear sales models – this is giving impetus to the design of new types of eyewear with cutting-edge technology and design. As the concept of fashion has emerged and synchronized with the need and comfort of an individual, the choice of eye fashion holds an important place to serve the goal of well-being. Whether it’s ultra-modern lenses like UV blocking lenses, blue lenses, or glasses suitable for driving, consumers have a plethora of choices to lead a fashionable and safe life.

The eyewear style statement is no longer limited to the structure or shape of the face; it has evolved ten times in terms of functionality and fashion play. Lens color is beyond the usual gray and brown. Today, one can choose from a wide range of hues such as yellow, red, blue and green, etc. Nowadays, even neon tinted glasses are also in trend belonging to various famous influencers and stylists. Clear frame glasses are also clear winners for creating an effortlessly chic look for both men and women.

Face fashion is all about framing your face and enhancing features – you can choose a style that ranges from bold to basic. There has been a significant increase in screen exposure during the pandemic; working from home and e-learning on PCs and laptops has hurt the eyes, leading to the demand for blue light shielding glasses (Nova Blumax). A pair of UV sunglasses (Nova) can be your ideal partner for any casual or casual outing. Again, for a smooth driving experience, a special lens (Nova drive) is a definite choice for fashionable and clear vision on the road for safe and comfortable driving/driving.

According to a survey, about 45% of people believe that wearing glasses makes them smarter or can improve their appearance. Many people in the eyewear industry insist that finding the most flattering frames is all about trying out different shapes while keeping an open mind and an honest eye. Therefore, showcasing your style with the elegance of eyewear is a step up in fashion.