“I still have a lot of work for 2022” Lando Norris

Formula 1 news: Lando Norris believes he still needs to work on himself for the 2022 season. Despite a breakthrough year in 2021, Norris feels he still needs a lot of work to become a successful Formula 1 driver.

Everyone was impressed with the performance of Lando Norris in the 2021 season. The young McLaren driver, considered second only to experienced McLaren driver Daniel Riccardo, eclipsed him and proved to be the leader of the McLaren team.

The young British driver is considered a future superstar and a future champion for McLaren. He overshadowed many talented and popular F1 drivers last year. He is the youngest blood in F1.

Norris was promoted from reserve pilot to full-time pilot by McLaren in 2019. Norris with his incredible performances proved that McLaren’s decision was right as he scored 49 points in his very first season and finished in 11th position.

Formula 1 news: “I still have a lot to work on for 2022” Lando Norris

In 2020, he improved his points to 97 and moreover he also won his first podium that season. In 2021, Norris showed the world he has what it takes to be a future world champion. He scored a podium in the very second game of the season.

At Monza, he also followed Riccardo at home with an outstanding 1-2 win for their side, as it was the only 1-2 win for any team this season. For most of the season, he was a serious contender for third position and even edged out Valtteri Bottas and Sergio Perez.

He scored 4 podiums in the season. He ended up in 6th position due to McLaren’s poor performance in the later parts of the season. Norris was on the podium on several occasions, especially at the start of the season. He showed incredible speed in the 2021 season and remained consistent throughout.

Formula 1 News: Norris happy with previous year’s performance but wants to up his game

However, Norris said he was happy after his performance last season. He still thinks he has to work and learn a lot for the upcoming season. Norris thinks he still needs to work on his performance at some tracks.

He said he knew he could be very strong on some tracks but on some of them his performance was declining. The speed also becomes relatively slower. Moreover, he also said that I had a hard time understanding how to drive this car”.

He is trying to progress with the car and has to work on that. He also discussed other decisions and strategies that helped him and his team fight Ferrari.

As the young McLaren driver looks to up his game for next season, fans and pundits are expecting a lot from Norris. Everyone wants to see if he maintains his form in the 2022 season.