In light of ISPR statement, government decides to take legal action against Imran Khan

Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif addresses the nation in Islamabad, August 13, 2022 — Prime Minister’s Office

ISLAMABAD: In light of recent Inter-Service Public Relations (ISPR) statementthe federal government decided on Saturday to take legal action against the president of the PTI Imran Khan and his associates for making baseless allegations against state institutions.

The decision came a day after the ISPR urged the coalition government to take legal action against “those responsible for defamation and false accusations against the institution and its officials”.

Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif made the decision during a meeting in the capital of Punjab, according to a statement released in this regard, after the PTI chief upped the ante against the government and institutions.

“The federal government has decided to exercise its powers over baseless allegations against institutions. Legal action will be taken against Imran Khan and his associates in light of the ISPR (Inter-Services Public Relations) statement,” did he declare.

The government has also formed a committee of constitutional and legal experts to formulate a strategy, they added.

In a televised address from the hospital, Khan told his followers that he had already learned of the imminent danger and had received information that there was a plan in place to kill him “somewhere between Wazirabad and Gujrat”.

Khan was shot in the leg on Thursday as he waved to crowds from a truck-mounted container from where he led a protest march on the capital demanding a snap election and calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif .

Khan told reporters that Prime Minister Shahbaz – who replaced him as prime minister after a no-confidence vote in April – orchestrated the attack along with Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah and a senior army commander. army.

“Three people – including Rana Sanaullah, Shahbaz Sharif and an army major – came up with a plan to assassinate me after seeing that the number of people in my long march was growing exponentially,” Khan claimed.

But the military has dismissed the allegations as “baseless and irresponsible” while calling on the federal government to investigate the matter and bring legal action against those responsible for “libel”.

“The baseless and irresponsible allegations by the President of the PTI against the institution and in particular against a senior military officer are absolutely unacceptable and unjustified,” the military’s media arm said.

“The Pakistan Army prides itself on being a highly professional and well-disciplined organization with a robust and highly effective internal accountability system,” ISPR added.

In addition to reprimanding the PTI for statements against the institutions, the government will also take legal action against party workers for vandalism and creating chaos, the government statement said.