IoT partner programs moving into renewable energy verticals

The Renewable Energy Sector and Commercial Utilities Become a Hot Market for IoT Partner Programs

LONDON, May 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In a recent analysis ranking 665 companies based on their IoT service capabilities and partner programs, a global technology watch company ABI Search finds that Parents in Partner Programs not only continue their long history of partnering with system integrators, OEMs and professional service providers to enable end-to-end IoT solutions at scale, but they are now also branching out in the renewable energy verticals.

The new edition of the report reviews 665 companies, including 223 vendors serving the utility market across the IoT value chain. “Of these companies, 61% serve the energy and utilities market powered by renewable energy sources, such as, but not limited to, wind, solar, hydroelectric, thermal and nuclear,” says Kateryna Dubrova, IoT Markets Research Analyst at ABI Research. Suppliers present in the field of renewable energies and utilities show that 108 suppliers out of 223 have a high level of technological readiness. More than 57% of them provide hardware-enabled IoT solutions and services. IoT awareness and device connectivity services traditionally have the most maturity and have a well-established partnership with Dell, Intel, PTC ThingWorx and Oracle.

There is a clear shift in the role of IoT in the generation and distribution of renewable energy. Both are ready to add value to the existing infrastructure to provide value-added components. “ABI Research has also observed a growing number of partnerships with IoT companies targeting the renewable energy monitoring, alerting, data processing and analytics service segments,” adds Dubrova.

Therefore, in 2022, there will be an increasing number of edge-cloud and big data IoT providers partnering with partner program parents, such as AWS, Cisco, SAP, IBM, and Microsoft, in the renewable energy space. and public services. Dubrova explains, “This signals a shift from the traditional hardware-based offering to the emergence of high-margin, value-added data-driven services in the IoT ecosystem.”

Ultimately, partner programs continue to be a strategic priority for some mainstream brands serving the IoT market. “Fundamentally, these programs enable companies to benefit from end-to-end solutions with greater ecosystem interoperability and allow technology providers to enter new markets and verticals,” concludes Dubrova.

These findings are taken from the IoT Ecosystem Market Data Report from the SI/VAR Program and ABI Research partners. This report is part of the company’s IoT Markets research service, including research, data and analyst insights. Market data spreadsheets are comprised of in-depth data, market share analysis and highly segmented and service-specific forecasts to provide detailed opportunity insights.

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