Jaffer Business System partners with global e-learning provider –

One of the country’s leading IT companies, Jaffer Business System (JBS) is ready to sign a partnership agreement with a global e-learning provider, with the intention of making improvements in this area. Furthermore, they are not only aimed at bringing about improvements in a particular area, but also aim to promote literacy and skill-based education by imparting them in colleges and digital schools across the country.

Distance or online learning has become more popular in times of Covid-19. According to the head of Jaffer Consulting, Ms. Rabia Azfar Nizami, JBS is in the process of signing a collaboration with a global provider, which will introduce the concept of colleges and digital schools in Pakistan. She also added that their collaboration will facilitate the penetration of established educational institutions in remote rural areas.

The official also added that e-learning can take place in a well-designed online interface and ecosystem that will easily enable a large number of students to acquire high-quality education.

Ms. Rabia Azfar Nizami said

The JBS company works with global software and hardware vendors to create a cost-effective solution for students to provide a one-stop solution for teachers and students.

Jaffer Business System is also working with the telecom operator to provide fast high-speed internet services to students in remote areas.

The facility will accommodate students from kindergarten through 12th grade. The institutes will provide high quality and effective solutions and ensure the continuity of quality education.

Ms. Nizami also said that their company is focusing on different international markets like Asia and Europe with the core strategy of expanding their global reach with innovative and high-end services to enhance their contribution to the country’s exports.

To further develop the skills of Pakistani citizens, the company plans to develop human resources through numerous capacity building programs. These programs will enable the company to improve the overall production and productivity of the company.

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