Learn more about empowered psychic

When people think of psychics, the first thought that comes to mind is what they see on television. Those who become guests on different morning shows and tell stories about clients they’ve worked with to connect with loved ones or find someone they’ve been looking for. However, there is much more to them. That’s why we sat down with one and learn more about The Empowered Psychic.

Question: Can you tell us about your work?

The Empowered Psychic: I am a conqueror and advocate of human trafficking and a psychic medium who helps connect my clients to loved ones and pets. As a clairvoyant and clairaudient medium, I can easily receive visions and insights from my clients’ deceased loved ones and their pets.

Q: What motivated you to follow this career path?

PET: I realized that I wanted to share my story to help, inspire and lift others out of suffering. After years of living in agony and down the path of self destruction, multiple suicide attempts and addictions, I found a solution and a path to happiness and bliss within myself. I went through a journey of Kundalini awakening that helped me gain the knowledge and tools to create healing in my life and, therefore, in the lives of my clients. That’s when I decided to start my business as a psychic medium and trauma coach.

Q: Tell us about your empowerment coaching program, your psychic development coaching and how you help your clients.

PET: I started my empowerment coaching program to help others heal from trauma the same way I did. Through my work, I can provide my clients with honest, heart-centered readings to shed light on what lies behind the veil to guide their souls to clarity.

I typically use my medium abilities, psychic healings, cord cutting, dream interpretations and coaching techniques to free my clients from toxic cycles, toxic relationships and childhood trauma while discovering their purpose in the life. My psychic development coaching comes into play when I have clients who want to discover or develop their own clairvoyant abilities and start their business.

The Empowered Psychic works to help spiritual women discover their psychic gifts and individuals heal from past trauma. She works one-on-one with her clients to ensure they connect with their soul and find their purpose in life. Learning more about The Empowered Psychic can motivate you to start your own spiritual journey.

Posted on February 4, 2022