Learning agenda displayed for management priorities

The Biden administration released (on performance.gov) its initial learning agenda in support of its president’s management agenda priorities, designed to “reinforce the focus on learning, bridge silos, and catalyze innovation beyond the federal government”.

The government-wide document follows the release of individual agency learning programs released earlier this year as well as a specific to implementing provisions of the American Rescue Plan Act this year. last.

As part of the PMA’s goal to strengthen and empower the federal workforce, topics include (in its terms): What recruiting and hiring approaches result in diverse and high-performing teams in federal agencies; what strategies improve the retention, engagement, inclusion, belonging, and well-being of federal employees, while reducing burnout and attrition; and what approaches create a strong, empowered and diverse cohort across the federal government employee lifecycle?

Other topics include: how federal agencies can reduce the administrative burdens of programs and services, including the complicated, confusing, and time-consuming processes people may encounter when trying to access these programs and services; what approaches provide an excellent client experience with the federal government; and how can the federal government increase public trust?

Also: how can equity be promoted in the design, delivery and evaluation of federal services; which organizational tools and management structures promote equity; and what larger organizational changes in agencies are needed to identify and overcome the underlying barriers to promoting equity?

“OMB works closely with agencies to initiate and support evidence building, research activities and evaluations in support of this PMA learning agenda and agency learning agendas,” it says. he. “Agencies have published and begun to implement their learning agendas, seeking to answer the questions posed, many of which are aligned with the questions posed in this PMA learning agenda. In fiscal year 2023, OMB intends to share an update on PMA learning program efforts.