Local mom helps parents tackle formula shortage with ‘Formula Hunters’ Facebook group – CBS Philly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Despite steps to increase the supply of infant formula, many families are still feeling the pain of the nationwide shortage. That’s where a mom from the Doylestown area comes in. She helps parents through a project called Formula Hunters.

It’s the Robinsons. There’s full-time working mom Christine, full-time working dad Paul and their three sons – Shea, 4, Liam, 19 months, and Brody, 5 months, who drinks formula.

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“I would say about a month and a half ago it started to become really a problem,” Christine said.

So Christine started thinking.

“I found the whole supply chain issue somewhat fascinating just because of my job,” Christine said.

Christine diagnosed a mismatch between supply and demand and used strategies honed during her career to organize and order the chaos. She formed a Facebook group called Formula Hunters.

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“So the way it works is a form. It’s three questions: what is their Facebook name because we need to be able to contact them; What brand do they use because it’s so important; and of course, the time horizon. When will you miss? Christine said.

And here comes the awesome part and the angelic touch, it bypasses the scammers.

“You can’t get scammed if you never send money to anyone. What if our group was just a gift? And that’s what we did,” Christine said.

Most of the formula is shipped – at the shipper’s expense – which is quite expensive. But today there was someone nearby in need and for the first time Christine was able to meet someone she was helping in person.

“I saw it on Facebook. A friend of mine was in — I don’t know who, but I saw it. And then I talked to Christine. She’s amazing,” Elena Gleisberg said.

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“It’s amazing, I think, what the kindness of strangers has produced. It also begs the question, however: how much longer? said Christine.