Machine learning-powered digital marketing tools to streamline operations

Like every other industry, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are also seeing their application in the internet marketing space. By making complex personalization operations in marketing applications, such as content marketing or email, easier with machine learning, automation has improved operations for marketers to reach their consumers with content. brand. The Machine Learning model does this by adapting to various cases based on accessible data fed into the system.

In digital marketing, machine learning takes care of the successful marketing execution of the company in several ways by combining data sources, automating tasks and predicting campaign results. Here’s a list of tools you might want to use today to improve and automate your complex marketing initiatives.

Advertising by e-mail

Being a pretty big contributor to generating revenue through online marketing, email automation is definitely the need of the hour for marketers to make their work in the office easier so they can focus on more revenue generation. To facilitate better delivery and increase open rates and click-through rates that translate to maximized revenue, here are some AI email marketing tools to make your job easier.

Using recipient behavioral profiling to suggest the right time and date to send your email for maximum open rate and engagement, Seventh Sense is a marketing tool that predicts recipient behavior with open emails by tracking the particular day and time they are opened. their emails received one by one. Your e-mails therefore do not remain parked in the pile of unopened e-mails. One of the great things about the tool is that it integrates well with HubSpot and Marketo, which makes your email automation all the more efficient.

One of the most difficult tasks is choosing from an array of subject lines that you can think of. Approaching every consumer with the “one size fits all” subject line approach doesn’t make your emails interact at their best.

Based on an AI-powered natural language generation system, Phrasee suggests dozens of conversational-sounding subject lines that match your brand voice.

Based on data-driven insights, this tool personalizes the language of each customer to ensure that they ideally engage with the brand via email. A huge advantage of the tool is that it can be fed with the results of a campaign to further help it refine its predictions by learning from audience behavior for the previous campaign.

A favorite email marketing tool of many marketers, Optimail’s AI technology helps understand each subscriber’s behavior which is then used for personalization.

The tool will adjust personalized email campaign content and timing itself, moving customers from thought to action. Accepting databases of all sizes, the tool integrates perfectly with the existing marketing infrastructure.

Content marketing

Content is the most essential part of your brand’s marketing department. It dictates the performance of your brand and so you need to keep it contemporary and in line with the trend and consumer behavior for maximum engagement.

Whether it’s blogs, your website, online flyers you design, or just collaborations with online events, your content should be way ahead of what your competitors are doing. With the help of artificial intelligence, automatic content generation, automation of chatbot conversations and personalization of news feeds can be simplified.

Here are some of the tools you might want to subscribe to for fresh, readable content.

Most of us have already used this tool to check grammar. From students to professionals, this AI tool helps correct grammar and suggests constructive corrections in sentence formations for better content readability and effectiveness.

Giving a measure to content engagement, clarity and delivery, the tool helps to proofread one’s document to a good extent even in its free version. A paid annual subscription not only unlocks a wide range of functions through the tool, but is also very cost effective.

This SEO suite offers a range of tools to help you develop an SEO strategy for your website. Specifically, its Content Assistant tool uses machine learning to integrate different data sources and then make SEO recommendations by inferring the estimated impact.

Another favorite tool for content marketing using AI is HubSpot’s SEO tool. Revealing original content ideas and topics, this tool will create high engagement with your audience and in the search engine results page. By accessing tons of similar posts before suggesting topics, the tool helps avoid repetitive content used by competitors.

eCommerce Marketing

The main revenue generation channel for several businesses, e-commerce marketplaces must constantly understand large customer data sets to suggest relevant and better products/services.

Yotpo is a tool whose deep learning technology understands customer reviews that can lead you to improvise your marketing content for new customers. By choosing the key topics raised by customers regarding the product and their thoughts on it, the tool extracts relevant reviews and presents them in an intelligent display to convert prospects into customers.

Additionally, by helping you separate reviews, the tool helps to score reviews and flag negative reviews.

That said, machine learning remains a key topic of discussion and its versatility of application across industries. As marketing uses a sea of ​​consumer data, machine learning holds great value in the marketing industry.

Machine learning is all about taking over the manual tasks of employees, giving them the time and mental peace to take care of other tasks, increasing the overall productivity of the team. That said, the demand for machine learning marketing solutions is only increasing, which will soon lead to the birth of an ecosystem of machine learning-as-a-service (MLaaS) platforms.

The only challenge right now is that companies don’t know what kind of use of machine learning tools they really need to streamline their digital marketing operations. It is best to understand the need and then subscribe to the tools accordingly to avoid confusion between technology and job.

(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of YourStory.)