Meghan’s powerful statement after receiving the honour: ‘Should be a right, not a luxury’ | royal | New

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex made Hello magazine’s ‘Kind List’ for 2022. The publication announced a new category this year to highlight ‘inspirational’ people, some of whom are not known to the public, and Meghan submitted her own entry for the list.

The royal couple made the list this year because of their heartfelt and inspiring kindness, according to Hello.

The annual list is used to honor some of the most inspirational people, including celebrities, royals, trailblazers, environmentalists and athletes.

But ahead of World Kindness Day on Sunday, November 13, the magazine has introduced a new category – Inspirations.

The Duchess offered her own entry, celebrating Kate Stephens, CEO of Smart Works.

Smart Works is a charity that aims to give women the confidence to reach their full potential, get a job, and change the trajectory of their lives, according to its website.

The Duchess of Sussex has been a patron of the association since 2019.

Upon her nomination, she told Hello, “A particularly meaningful form of kindness is when women uplift and support other women.

“Kate Stephens, CEO of Smart Works, does this day in and day out, working with her team to help thousands of women across the UK by giving them the tools they need to feel empowered and ready for the market. work.

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“The ability to walk into a room feeling your best should be a right, not a luxury.

“Under Kate’s inspirational leadership, the Smart Works team provides meaningful coaching, community and workwear, empowering women in need with the resources and confidence to make lasting change in their lives.

“Kate always leads by example, proving that when we invest in women, we invest in our collective future. It has been an incredible privilege to be the patron of this amazing organization, led by Kate, and to witness this beautiful display of kindness in action.”

Prince Harry, who appeared alongside Meghan on this year’s Kind List, also offered his own suggestion – British filmmaker Baroness Beeban Kidron, founder of the 5Rights Foundation – a charity that champions children’s rights around the world digital.

He told the publication: “When I first met Baroness Beeban Kidron, the first thing that struck me was her passion.

“The second thing, his perseverance. But perhaps his greatest asset is his sincere kindness. He is the kind of person who makes you want to join his mission: to strengthen the rights of young people in the digital age”.

Meghan, who was added to the list in part for her women’s rights activism, has been involved in various campaign opportunities for gender equality.

In her podcast, launched earlier this year, she speaks with high-profile women and seeks to challenge society’s gender stereotypes.