Notre Dame is pushing for a talented 2025 linebacker with a household name

It’s not often that Notre Dame offers scholarships to a high school freshman. The Fighting Irish staff made an exception with talented Catholic linebacker DeMatha from Hyattsville, Md. 2025 Nathaniel Owusu-Boateng.

Pause for a second… Owusu? Sounds familiar. It is not possible.

He is.

Owusu-Boateng is the younger brother of former Notre Dame All American rover Jeremy Owusu-Koramoahwho quickly became a rising star for the Cleveland Browns in the second tier of their defense.

Whenever the younger brother of a former Notre Dame star is drafted, there’s going to be a natural question about the quality of a player they’re comparing, or if the name speaks a little louder than their actual game.

Breaking news here: Owusu-Boateng is the real deal.

Playing for a national powerhouse at DeMatha Catholic, Owusu-Boateng made his presence known as a rookie, contributing to both defense and special teams. It’s hard not to find #57 on the film. He is used to always meeting around football.

Our Lady made the effort to enter into the conversation early. That strategy has paid off so far, but the talented 6-2, 205-pounder is already causing all the buzz on the recruiting track.

“The recruiting process has gone well so far, getting seven offers as a rookie was really cool,” Owusu-Boateng said. “Currently, I don’t have any visits scheduled, but I plan to go to a few schools, including Notre Dame.”

Owusu-Boateng has obviously been to the South Bend campus before. Still, getting him in for a recruiting visit is vital. It’s not about his brother anymore. It is his journey that is being written.

It has already become an early priority. You will usually see post coaches or other members of the football office staying in close contact with prospects year after year. In the case of Owusu-Boteng, Notre Dame brought out the big guns early.

“We talk often. I have a good connection with Coach (Mark) Free man,” he explained.

The program is something Owusu-Boateng knows very well. He understands what makes him special…more than most. This recruitment layer could ultimately pay off big.

“Notre Dame is a great school and I think it would be a good transition if I were to go to Notre Dame because my brother went there and I know a lot about Notre Dame as a fraternity and as a family,” Owusu-Boateng explained. “It’s the most important thing I care about, a school that treats me like family.”

Speaking of family. It seems that the apple does not fall far from the tree. Like his older brother, Owusu-Boateng wears many hats for the DeMatha program. His versatility is a huge sell, with his fit being something Notre Dame will be hoping to capitalize on.

“They see me as a linebacker/Rover – like my brother,” Owusu-Boateng said. “I’m a playmaker, so wherever the coach puts me, I would be able to make plays naturally.”

Position adjustment is sure to be everywhere for the talented defender. Although he has just completed his first campaign, plans are already underway for Owusu-Boateng.

His already growing list of offers speaks to the quality of talent he is on the defensive side of football.

Already sporting six reported offers, Owusu-Boateng has already caught the eye of some outstanding football programs including Notre Dame, Michigan, Penn State, Boston College, Maryland and Pittsburgh.

It’s also worth mentioning that Owusu-Boateng is the teammate of the 2023 top defensive line target. Jason Moore. Getting back to DeMatha Catholic is a huge priority and has few excuses not to land in Owusu-Boateng, given the circumstances and the relationship.

Linebacking recruiting has taken on new life since head coach Marcus Freeman arrived in South Bend. It looks like it won’t stop anytime soon.

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