Oracle Mission Statement | Sustainability goals | Core values ​​| Analysis

Company: Oracle
CEO: Safra Catz
Year of foundation:
The head office:
Austin, TX
number of employees:
Stock symbol:
Market capitalization (September 2022):
$168.26 billion
Annual revenue (FISCAL YEAR 2022):
$42.44 billion
Profit | Net revenue (FISCAL YEAR 2022):
$6.72 billion

Products: Cloud Infrastructure ǀ Cloud Applications | Analytics | big data
Competitors: Microsoft | vmware | Amazon Web Services (AWS) | Alibaba Cloud | Huawei | Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Did you know? Oracle’s first customer was the CIA (the Central Intelligence Agency). The CIA project’s codename was Oracle 4. Oracle’s first commercial release was Oracle 2, which gave tech insiders an idea that bugs or viruses were flushed out of products.

Oracle is a famous global technology company that has become known for its unparalleled integrated system. Founded in 1977, the organization has shown brilliant success throughout its history. Over the years, Oracle’s outstanding performance has helped transform it from a chain of trusted software development labs into a multinational corporation.

The strength of this leading IT company indicates its commitment to providing better services. They believe in technological freedom through a wide range of services and products. Its mission statement and core values ​​contribute significantly to the operations of the company.

Oracle’s Mission Statement

“Our mission is to help people see data in a new light, discover insights, and unlock endless possibilities.”

The company mission statement of the leading IT company outlines its future goals. This indicates that they are always ready to find innovative methods to unlock possibilities and help customers.

Mission Statement Analysis

  • Impact on customer business

Oracle’s mission statement specifically highlights its operations and target audience. It also outlines how the Society aims to facilitate a wide variety of businesses. The main goal of the company is to offer unparalleled services and help customers see data in innovative ways so that they can encounter multiple possibilities.

To achieve this, Oracle makes sure to provide its customers with database security and management. Its reliable services in the technology industry have made it one of the most sought after and in demand companies. They know that everything in the business landscape relates to data.

As data drives and operates the world, Oracle has mastered the art of managing and interacting with it. The mission statement reveals its purpose to improve customers’ businesses by helping them manage and secure data and time. Oracle is a company that understands the importance of maintaining customer satisfaction and meeting expectations. It paves the way for a progressive future.

The idea of ​​”unlocking endless possibilities” in Oracle’s mission statement signifies the main purpose of its services and the products it designs. The famous company has taken many initiatives to be creative and learn new ways to manage its data. Oracle believes technology is crucial for growth in the digital and modern age because it can improve efficiency in education, healthcare, and other areas.

The company aims to make customers’ lives better and easier through its software systems. They can help customers at the enterprise level and avoid technological obsolescence and long-term risks. It also assures clients of the difference and impacts its data management system can have on their businesses, wherever they are in the world.

Oracle’s Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Goals

“Resolutely philanthropic and socially responsible.”

from Oracle corporate responsibility and sustainability goals define its goal of becoming a socially responsible company. In addition to offering everyone technological freedom through its various services, the company plays an essential role in creating a progressive and ecological community that benefits everyone, from employees to customers.

Here are some essential elements of Oracle’s corporate responsibility goals.

  • Philanthropy to improve communities

Oracle supports many non-profit associations worldwide through sponsorships, cash grants and workplace donations. Education, community and the environment are the company’s priorities.

  • Create a sustainable environment

Oracle believes that this the planet is its stakeholder and requires the same attention. That’s why Oracle continually invests in innovative initiatives that help employees run their operations more sustainably. It develops services and products that improve the lives of customers without impacting the environment.

  • Promote culture of support

The company knows that the health crisis required improved collaboration and resilience. That’s why its workforce stands firm in supporting communities, customers and each other.

The company is working with the Tony Blair Institute to provide African nations, including Rwanda, Ghana and Sierra Leone, with a modern, cloud-based electronic health record system to manage large immunization programs.

Oracle Core Values

Oracle’s core values ​​make it an inclusive and successful company. Its significant values ​​include:

The firm’s values ​​reflect its honesty in making responsible decisions. He always stands for what is right.

Customer satisfaction is another important value in Oracle’s culture. The company considers this to be a top priority. She strives to understand the needs and demands of her clients.

Oracle believes in treating each other with dignity and respect. The company values ​​the unique contributions each employee can make.

The company sees this as a core core value and strives for excellence. He holds himself to the highest standards and makes sure to improve with each imitation.

Oracle encourages employees to work together and deliver the best products. Value enables employees to share ideas, collaborate and provide constructive feedback.

By cultivating this value, the organization ensures that everyone is treated fairly. He does everything he can to ensure impartial decision-making.

Oracle upholds the highest standards of behavior and ensures that its employees act ethically.

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