Owner of the Year Glen Horack’s Money-Making Ways Should Grow

This edition of Overdrive Radio features Elkland, Missouri-based Owner-Operator of the Year Glen Horack, named in Overdrive’s co-production of the awards program with the Truckload Carriers Association at the TCA’s annual conference in March in Las Vegas. Horack started driving a team with his wife, Karla, after 2008, the first year — “knock on wood,” said Horack — his one-truck business really struggled in the depths of the Great Recession.

The team running in stride, as you’ll hear in Part 1 of 2 featuring my June 2022 conversations with the Horacks, the pair exited debt incurred as freight rapidly dwindled. It’s a testament to the owners’ ability to adjust their refrigerated transport operation alongside three-decade partners at Prime, Inc., where they’re still rented out.

Hear Glen and Karla talk about the experience of training each other, in a fashion, when Karla did her CDL training on the truck with Glen (“if I had a thumper tire, I might have banged multiple times,” she joked). You’ll hear Glen’s trucking story alongside his family life; its set-aside-per-mile strategy developed over the years to guard against the potential for unscheduled repairs; whiteout and white knuckle blizzard conditions in Nebraska; and how the Horacks persevered in business together through it all. … Listen :

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