Pinnacle Award Finalist Miyanda Hanson: “Never Stop Learning and Invest in Yourself”

Miyanda Hanson, Buchanan & Edwards

WashingtonExec’s Pinnacle Awards finalists were announced on October 11, and we’ll be highlighting some of them until the event takes place live, in person, on November 30.

Next is Contract Industry Finalist of the Year (Private Company), Miyanda Hanson, who is Director of Contracts and Purchasing at Buchanan & Edwards. Here, she talks about key accomplishments, success in her current role, career advice and more.

What main achievements did you have in 2021/2022?

I’m focused on fostering strong working relationships with internal and external customers, and I’m always looking for opportunities for us to improve our support and processes. Since the onset of COVID, my department has been working in a hybrid environment, and I have successfully led my team to redesign our contracts and procurement processes and tools ⏤ leveraging technology to bring efficiencies while improving simultaneously productivity in a virtual environment.

I am proud to say that we have deployed three process improvements that have streamlined our service delivery to clients. Additionally, I prioritized the early involvement of the Contracts and Procurement team in the pre-award process to directly align with BE’s growth and strategic objectives. Over the past year, my team has seamlessly supported over $550 million in new business proposal activity and the successful acquisition and integration of RenXTech.

What made you successful in your current role?

My adaptability, resourcefulness and collaborative nature have underpinned my accomplishments as BE Contracts and Purchasing Manager. Being flexible and willing to venture into uncharted territory has allowed me to successfully lead many of the company’s strategic initiatives, including gaining DCMA approval of our contractor purchasing system. This was a relatively new topic for me and required an initiative to gain expertise in federal regulations, laws, and business operational requirements. Although it was challenging and I had to step out of my comfort zone, gaining knowledge was rewarding and fostered growth and development in my leadership role. Additionally, this experience has given me the opportunity to work with industry leaders, build a successful implementation plan, and achieve a key business goal.

What was a turning point or inflection point in your career?

Over a decade ago, I transitioned from an individual contributor to a management role. This turning point in my career forced me to grow professionally by sharpening my skills in organizational leadership and strategic thinking. I had to broaden my focus from just getting things done to include process improvement, team development, and accountability.

What is your best career advice for those who want to follow in your footsteps?

Never stop learning and invest in yourself by keeping up to date with industry changes, attending training sessions and pursuing ongoing education. Take advantage of networking opportunities with other professionals as it pays invaluable dividends in achieving one’s goals and objectives. Cherish the lessons learned and best practices you have acquired and share them with others. Get involved in professional organizations, as such opportunities allow aspiring professionals to meet and learn from seasoned leaders with valuable ideas and perspectives ⏤ from industry and government. Finally, the tutelage of a mentor and the role of mentor are equally important.

Looking back on your career, what are you most proud of?

During my career, I have benefited from leadership and professional development programs as well as having mentors who have encouraged my professional growth. With strong foundational support, I have gained a higher degree of emotional intelligence that allows me to impart my knowledge and intellectual skills to those I mentor personally and professionally.

To this day, I am proud of my mentees whom I have guided in their careers, in addition to the high school students whom I mentor in my volunteer organization. Also, looking back on my career, I’m especially grateful to have been able to support social impact missions. From homelessness and food insecurity to modernizing IT for our frontline emergency service workers, I have been very proud to manage contracts of various types to solve problems of national importance. and global.

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