PlayStation London Studio is creating a fantastic co-op action game

PlayStation London Studio is developing a co-op online battle game for PlayStation 5 set in a fantasy version of London. The first details on this untitled project come from a interview with co-studio heads Stuart Whyte and Tara Saunders. London Studio is best known for star singer and its work with PlayStation peripherals like PlayStation VR with blood and truth or the PlayStation EyeToy with EyePet.

Now, Whyte explained that the team is busy moving forward in a larger-scale direction: “With this project, we really wanted to explore new avenues and set new challenges for ourselves. We really wanted to try something a little different, and I think this new project really channels our “brave” value and allows us to push ourselves on the “curious” front as well. It’s an exciting future, really.

Saunders said the co-op fantasy fighting game project is London Studio’s “most ambitious game to date”, adding that it will always have the team’s innovative DNA. One of the ways they prepared for this new venture was speaking with Guerrilla Games to find out more about how this team grew from being largely linear Killzone fully open world franchise Horizon Zero Dawn. From there, London Studio compiled ideas before finally deciding that this current project will be the one it moves forward with. It will be built with the Soho engine and uses some of the same technology used to make games like blood and truth. However, London Studio’s new project will not involve virtual reality.

“Our Soho Engine, our internal game engine, is at the heart of what we do here,” Whyte said. “It’s an engine that’s been built from the ground up for this generation of hardware and the needs of the game we’re creating. It’s designed to take full advantage of the PS5. The game will also feature live service elements, in line with a strategy that began with Sony’s purchase of Bungie.

While we know very little about what PlayStation London Studio is planning for this co-op fantasy fighting game, its concept art is exciting and promising. It will be some time before more is shared.