Pokémon Scarlet and Violet make grinding easier

A new trailer for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet recently released which went more in-depth on some new features that were teased back in September. It shows more things to come Pokemon world of entries and several activities that players can participate in during their journey through the Paldea region.

One of the features shown in the trailer is more controversial than the others: the ability to auto-fight with a mechanic called “Let’s Go!” Essentially, trainers can give their Pokemon specific commands in the overworld and during certain in-game events that will allow them to battle independently. Players won’t need to select moves or watch combat animations.

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How Auto Wrestling Will Affect Grinding

Long time fans of Pokemon The franchise may be concerned that adding auto-battlement is a bad decision that simplifies the game and further disconnects the player from their partner Pokémon. While it’s a possible outcome of the new system, undoing the entire mechanic before the end of the game is short-sighted – there are some serious benefits that could come from auto-battles.

For starters, grinding is often the most lamented aspect of any RPG, and using auto-struggle will streamline the process considerably. grind into others Pokemon games, players must first find an encounter, watch the opening battle animations, choose a move, and then watch the ending battle animations. Auto-battle will allow the player to skip cutscenes that repeat over and over again.

Additionally, there are still strategic elements involved in auto-battling, such as choosing a sweet spot that has Pokemon that can be easily beaten but still give plenty of experience. There’s also an interesting decision players can make between manually fighting high-level wild Pokemon or auto-fighting lots of weak Pokemon in order to grind, as long as the two styles are somewhat balanced in terms of the effectiveness of the game. experience gain.

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Grinding levels for hours on end has never been a beloved part of the franchise, and auto-wrestling works to alleviate that traditionally dull aspect of Pokemon games while maintaining the quirky and fun high-level trainer, boss, and Pokemon battles. Overworld auto battles also enhance the player’s power fantasy and can further connect the trainer with their partners as they begin to feel like their Pokemon are getting so strong that they can wipe out wild opponents quickly without any instruction.

Auto-battle will help hardcore Pokemon players

Although a niche part of the playerbase, hardcore players will appreciate the new auto-combat system. For competitive and VGC players, auto-battle will make Pokémon effort values, or EVs, much less of a hassle.

Create a Competitively Viable Business Pokemon Teaming up is tough enough in the game, with the need to breed hundreds of Pokemon for the perfect IVs, Nature, and Ability, or reset thousands of times to catch perfect Legendary IVs. Streamlining the EV milling process, which requires battling a plethora of specific wild Pokémon, will be good for lowering the barrier to entry into competition Pokemon gaming, introducing more fans to one of the most exciting aspects of the franchise.