Russian Foreign Minister’s positive statement on Russian-Chinese relations reflects high-level consensus between the two countries (Chinese FM)

Zhao Lijian

China highly appreciates Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s positive statement that China-Russia relations are a model for relations between countries in the 21st century, reflecting the high level of consensus between Russia and China on the development of relations between the two countries, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said at the press conference on Thursday.

According to the Russian State Duma, Lavrov said on Wednesday that the Russian-Chinese strategic partnership has in some respects reached a more advanced level than even the traditional military-political alliance, which could be a good example of the development of interstate relations in the 21st century. .

“[The West] tries, as they say, to punish those who pursue an independent policy, primarily our country and the People’s Republic of China, using all sorts of unsuitable tools such as various sanctions, demonization in the media space, provocations by special services and much more,” he said.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian stressed at a conference that there is no limit to mutual trust between China and Russia, no forbidden areas for strategic cooperation. and no end to the friendship between the two countries.

The two countries regard each other as their diplomatic priorities, a strategic choice based on their long-term development, with the fundamental aim of benefiting the peoples of the two countries and maintaining world peace and stability, international justice and equity, Mr. Zhao noted.

Zhao pointed out that the Sino-Russian relationship is a true example of a new type of relationship between major countries. China and Russia are not interested in the Cold War mentality of friend or foe and the so-called “alliances” and “small circles” cobbled together on the basis of selfish interests. Any attempt at demonization and provocation is doomed to failure.

“We are ready to continue working with Russia to move firmly in the direction indicated by our two heads of state, to fully unleash the enormous potential and benefits of cooperation between the two countries, injecting more stability and of positive energy in the turbulent and changing world,” Zhao noted.

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