SPDR S&P 500 ETF (ETF:SPY) – Trading legend Stephen Kalayjian co-founds TradeEZ, a “dynamic learning” experience

The belief of many experts is that markets cannot be timed.

It’s fallacious, says the legendary daytrader Stephen Kalayjian.

“I don’t buy the idea that you can’t time the markets. I have been doing this for over three decades trading for others including myself. When the S&P was around $4,800.00, I told everyone to get out. The markets had not yet taken into account the restrictive monetary policies and a sell signal was issued.

Pictured is Stephen Kalayjian in front of his office.

Kalayjian’s call ahead of the S&P 500 peaking was made based on his analysis of proprietary indicators constructed over the past decade. They are time tested, he explained, adding that one of his benchmark compensation companies said he had win rates approaching 90%, measured over four years.

Having made a name for himself among professional traders and retailers, Kalayjian says he was also often inundated with requests to help others with their trade.

“In the days of AOL instant messaging, I often talked and shared my thoughts with the big hedge funds and prop companies. Then my friend, who ran a big hedge fund, pushed me to build something for the general public. Thus, they too could improve their trading.

This set Kalayjian on the path to creating what eventually became TradeEZ with partner Joseph Murphy.

What is TradeEZ: At its core, TradeEZ is an edutainment entertainment platform and charting package.

Subscribers, across the world, have access to content related to stocks, commodities, cryptocurrency and the foreign exchange market, at any time of the day, via a live room with Kalayjian, himself , watching the markets, making calls and teaching intraday.

Questions can be asked via voice and a text chat room. A recorded trade education library, post-trade recaps, monthly workshops, case studies, and more are also offered.

The differentiator: The practical approach via workshops, visualizations and rehearsals.

“I thought there had to be a way to take all of this knowledge and experience – my trading of almost two billion shares – and package it into an easy-to-digest format. It doesn’t include all the work which I do taking calls from subscribers from Croatia, Australia, etc.

Visualizations provided to students by TradeEZ.

As difficult as it may seem, given that so many people have experienced failures trading on their own, or alongside other seemingly experienced online traders, says Kalayjian, his track record and perseverance among existing and former students speaks volumes. of themselves.

“We have great relationships with clearing houses and introducing brokers,” he said. “If our traders do better, it’s actually good for brokers who need that volume to support their business.”

In some scripts shown at Benzinga, Kalayjian said students, many of whom had no prior experience, perform well months after arrival, with some earning more than their take-home pay through full-time and part-time jobs. partiel.

“It’s surreal and I’m all about integrity. No big sponsors for me. I change lives on our terms.

Push the limits : Although a small team, TradeEZ does a lot, says Kalayjian.

“Aisling Burke, who is the pioneer behind our front and back-end development, support and marketing work, alongside others who are in Dublin, Ireland, makes this possible.”

Going forward, the TradeEZ team strives to become “a household name”, through low-cost barriers to entry, media and financial service provider relationships, and upcoming trading games. shortly.

“The dynamic learning environment and social engagement really seem to do that for our students, some of whom are working adults or even children in school. I am obligated to continue to make people’s dreams come true.

To learn more about TradeEZ, check out their TwitterInstagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok and Discord.

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