Stardew Valley Money Making Guide: Advanced

Whereas Stardew Valley allows its players to take their time to familiarize themselves with its worlds and systems, players will want to ensure that they earn as much money as possible. gold in Stardew Valley ensures that town and farm upgrades are easier to acquire and even helps players acquire items that will improve their relationship with villagers. This world currency is especially important in the later years of the game, as more awesome (and more expensive) items are unlocked.


Earning money becomes easier but more important after the first year of Stardew Valley. Besides farming, there are many different ways for players to earn large sums. To ensure players maintain high profit margins throughout their game, this guide is here to help.

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How to Make Money Farming in Stardew Valley

Entering the second year and each after gives players the opportunity to plan their farming in advance and take full advantage of the greenhouse. In order to keep profits high, players must ensure that they are planting the right crops in the right season and that the greenhouse they have unlocked in their Stardew Valley game is as productive as possible.

For spring

Of the spring crops that can be purchased at traditional stores, rhubarb has the best profit margin. Its seeds can be purchased at the Oasis of Stardew Valley‘s Calico Desert for 100 gold and can be sold for 220, 275, 330, and 440 gold depending on quality. When it comes to multiple harvests, strawberries reign supreme in the spring. This strategy is based on the conservation of strawberry seeds from the first year and on their exploitation on the first day of the season. At farming level 5 and with the plowman profession, players can get five crops from that harvest and can make over 6,000 gold in profit with an investment of just 1,000 gold.

For summer

Once again, the Oasis harbors the harvest with the best profit margin available in Stardew ValleySummer: Carambola. Its seeds can be purchased for 400 gold, and the final harvest sells for 750, 937, 1125, and 1500 gold for its respective qualities. When it comes to multiple harvests, there are a few options, but blueberries produce a minimum of three blueberries each harvest. At the same farming level (5) and with the same profession (Tiller), players will get four crops and earn just over 7,000 gold in profit with an investment of 1,000 gold.

For the fall

The harvest with the best profit margin in the fall of Stardew Valley is the pumpkin, which despite costing 100 gold seeds at Pierre’s general store, manages to sell for 320, 400, 480, 640 gold for each respective quality. For those more inclined to multiple harvest crops, cranberries will bring a minimum of five harvests during the season, producing a minimum of two cranberries each time. With the same level and profession, players will get five crops and earn about 2,500 gold in profit for their investment of 1,000 gold.

Special crops

Although much less accessible than traditional crops, there are a handful of specialty crops that can be sold for extremely high prices. Of these options, the two that stand out are ancient fruits and sweet berries. The most reliable way to get either of these seeds is to use the travel cart from Stardew Valley. Ancient Seeds sprout after 28 days but offer multiple harvests, while Sweet Gem Berries sell for 3,000-6,000 gold but only offer fruit once.

The greenhouse

Unlocked via completing Pantry Bundles in the Stardew Valley‘s Community Center or by purchase through JojaMart, the Greenhouse is essential to getting the most out of farming. Depending on how players arrange their sprinklers, there will be around 116 spots to plant crops in this space. To get the most out of it, players should rely on farming as many Ancient Fruits as possible.

These fruits regrow after seven days, sell for a minimum of 550 gold, and will never stop growing again as long as they are watered. To further increase the profits, players can also plant the fruit trees available in Stardew Valley along the outside of the cultivated field inside the structure. Up to 18 of these fruit trees can be planted indoors and these will always bear fruit as if it were their good season.

Raise animals for profit in Stardew Valley

Although animals are an expensive prospect at first, they will pay for themselves in the long run. This means that as soon as a player can afford a barn or chicken coop, they should consider investing in it. Although all animals eventually make a profit, pigs are the best option. To unlock this animal, players must invest a total of 43,000 gold, 1,350 wood, and 650 stone in creating a luxury barn with Stardew Valleyis the carpenter, Robin. With that done, players can buy up to 12 pigs for a single Deluxe Barn but, with a cost of 16,000 gold each, it may be more economical to buy less than that and allow them to breed.

pigs in Stardew Valley that are fed daily will mature after ten nights. A mature pig is able to dig up truffles every day as long as it does not rain or there is no winter and this is where it pays back the player’s investment. The truffles themselves can be sold for 625, 781, 937, and 1,250 gold depending on their quality. Combining truffles with the Gatherer and Botanist professions under the Foraging skill can guarantee iridium quality truffles and add a 20% chance of a double harvest when gathering them.

The advantage of artisanal products

From the oil maker and mayonnaise machine to the jar and canning keg, craft equipment is important for making money. In general, these pieces of equipment can be used to increase the prices of crops and animal products that players harvest. While many professions within Stardew Valley are beneficial, players should invest in the professions Tiller (Crops worth 10% more) and Artisan (Craftsmanship worth 40% more) to further increase their profits.​​​​​​

The barrel

This crafted gear is unlocked through the Farm Basement upgrade which also grants players 33 Kegs. Up to 125 barrels can be arranged in the basement and each one remains accessible. Each barrel in Stardew Valley costs 20 wood and 1 hardwood to create and age different ingredients at different rates. In general, Wine will net players the most gold.

Last name Ingredient Basic quality Silver Gold Iridium
Wine any fruit Triple the base price of fruit (Triple of base fruit price) x 1.25 (Triple of base fruit price) x 1.5 (Triples the base fruit price) x 2
White beer Hop 300 grams 375g 450g 600g
Beer Wheat 200g 250g 300 grams 400g
Mead Honey 200g 250g 300 grams 400g
Cheese Milk or large milk 230g 287g 345g 460g
Goat cheese Goat’s milk or large goat’s milk 400g 500g 600g 800g

The cheese press

The Cheese Press recipe is unlocked at farming level 6 and allows for the rapid creation of cheese from any milk. At best, a cheese press can only produce gold star quality cheese, but at a much faster rate than the barrel. Players need 45 wood and stone, 10 hardwood, and a bronze bar to create a cheese press.

Last name Ingredient Sale price
Cheese Milk or large milk Base: 230g Gold star: 345g
Goat cheese Goat’s milk or large goat’s milk Base: 400g Gold star: 600g


The recipe for Kegs in Stardew Valley is unlocked at farming level 8 and requires 30 wood, a copper bar, a silver bar, and oak resin. Barrels are the only way to create wine, which can be one of the most profitable items in Stardew Valley. While players will likely want to fill their storage sheds with examples of this crafted gear, they can be placed anywhere in the game world.

Last name Ingredient Sale price
Beer Wheat 200g
Coffee Coffee bean (5) 150g
Green tea tea leaves 100g
Juice any vegetable 2.25 x basic price of vegetables
Mead Honey 200g
White beer Hop 300 grams
Wine any fruit Triple the base price of fruit

mayonnaise machine

Once players get their hands on a co-op in their game of Stardew Valley and filled with chickens and ducks, they’re going to want to create mayonnaise machines. These become available at farming level 2 and cost 15 wood and stone, an earth crystal, and a copper bar.

Last name Ingredient Sale price
Mayonnaise Egg, Large Egg, Ostrich Egg, or Golden Egg Base quality: 190g, Silver: 237g, Gold: 285g, Iridium: 380g
Duck Mayonnaise duck egg 375g
empty mayonnaise Void Egg 275
Dinosaur Mayonnaise dinosaur egg 800g

canning jar

Compared to the Keg, the Conserves Jar en Stardew Valley best suited for low value but high yielding crops such as corn and tomatoes. Unlocked at farming level 4, canning jars cost 40 wood, 50 stone, and 8 coal.

Last name Ingredient Sale price
Pickles Any vegetable or ginger 2 x vegetable base price + 50
Goo any fruit 2 x base fruit price +50
Caviar Sturgeon eggs 500g
aged egg deer 2x Base Roe Sell Price

oil maker

One of the most discussed ways players can make money in Stardew Valley goes through the creation of truffle oil. Having dozens of pigs digging up truffles and then processing them through the Oil Maker will quickly pay off any initial investment. The Oil Maker recipe becomes available at Farming Level 8 and requires 50 Slime, 20 Hardwood, and a Gold Bar.

Last name Ingredient Sale price
Truffle Oil Truffle 1065g
Oil Corn, Sunflower Seeds, Sunflower 100g

Stardew Valley is now available for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.