Startup MGZN – Lumofy partners with Opensesame to launch its new learning platform

Press release.

Lumofy, an integrated learning experience platform that helps organizations diagnose, organize, engage and track human capital skills of enterprises, exclusively launched its new learning platform during “Lumofy’s New Horizon Event” under the patronage and presence of His Excellency Mr. Ayman bin Tawfiq Al -Moayed, Minister of Youth and Sports and Chairman of Hope Fund.

Lumofy also announced its partnership with one of the world’s largest providers of training content for employees and professionals, the American company “Open Sesame”, during the event at Brinc Batelco IoT in Manama which was attended by a number of number of entrepreneurs and investors in Bahrain. This partnership will allow both parties to collaborate and expand their online markets in the area of ​​e-learning courses and training resources.

Mr. Ahmed Faraj, Founder and CEO of Lumofy, said the company got remarkable traction after receiving investment funding worth half a million dollars from Al-Amal Projects, a division of the Hope Fund, representing approximately 25% of the company’s value. He also announced that Lumofy had grown by 140% in the past four months and thanked His Excellency the Minister and all partners and supporters.

“This new learning platform will allow Lumofy to expand its market share in Bahrain and the countries in the region where it currently operates: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Oman, as well as to sign more training with major governments and private companies and institutions. We plan to increase the number of trainees on our platform by about tenfold and expand to new countries in 2022.” According to Mr. Faraj.

Mr. Mahdi Tounsi, Regional Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa for OpenSesame, said: “We sought to identify a partner capable of creating training content that would ideally use an online training platform. , and we met many companies that offer training content in Arabic, but only a few met our quality criteria. Lumofy offers the best Arabic content, as well as the ability to overcome the barriers that many of our customers have faced in developing skills alongside digital transformation.

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We look forward to this partnership to disseminate the content of the training in the best possible way in Bahrain and the region, so that we can achieve greater success.

Mr. Mahmood Malik, Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer of Lumofy, on his part, explained the company’s new business model, which includes designing more learning materials, providing distinguished training that meets the exact needs of each employee and guarantees the sustainability of the training process in companies of various activities and sizes. He added that Lumofy uses unique technology to address the challenges faced by many large companies, which is to provide employees with targeted training based on their individual needs.

Founded in 2020, Lumofy helps organizations deploy the competency-based learning platform to map skills, assess skills, accelerate personal development, and align learning and development with strategic organizational priorities. Lumofy offers a data-driven digital learning platform with a unique methodology and proven science-based approach that resonates with the new world of work.