Statement made on disposal of assets by Mid Norfolk Railway Preservation Trust Council

The Mid Norfolk Railway Preservation Trust Council has withdrawn assets previously put up for sale, with some members citing doubts over the decision.

The decision had been taken to sell some of the railway’s assets after they were deemed surplus to requirements, however, the Board of Trustees now recognizes that some of its members have had reservations about this line of action . After discovering the dissent, the Board of Trustees elected to withdraw all assets from the sale while consultation is conducted among members.

The initial choice to sell the surplus assets came after a strategic review of the railways’ holdings, which included rolling stock and the hub which is currently stored at Dereham station. Assets identified as surplus to current needs were based on a number of factors.

The cars were selected for sale due to the operational needs of the railroad and the likelihood of their future service and the need to clear siding space and reduce shunting operations. The cost of refurbishment and the time required to do so were also factored into the initial decision.

The Trust Board has not taken into consideration the sentimental ties that some members have with particular coaches and for this reason the consultation will give members the opportunity to give their opinion.

The consultation will also provide members with an opportunity to propose alternatives to elimination or support the decision with submissions forming the Board of Trust’s future decision-making process regarding the future of various coaches on the railroad or otherwise.

The elimination of hubs or other options will also be reconsidered in the context of the future development of the Goods Shed and Stable Block Railway, part of the East Anglian Railway Heritage Centre, which has been a long-term ambition MNR term.

Views, opinions, suggestions and plans can be offered in writing to the Trust Board at the station or by e-mail: [email protected]

The closing date for submissions is August 15, 2022, after which a review and discussion will take place with the Board of Trustees, advising members of the outcome of the consultation in due course.