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Loubna Imenchal, Business Manager at Logitech AMECA, tells Anita Joseph in an exclusive interview why the channel ecosystem is vital to business success and how Logitech is equipping its partners to meet the rapidly changing technology landscape.

How important is the channel ecosystem to Logitech in the region?

Logitech believes that when we work together, we do our business better. In fact, Logitech’s approach to market for video collaboration and professional work solutions is based on partnerships. Our partner community provides the value and support our customers are looking for. To be more specific about the United Arab Emirates, Logitech has more than 100 partners, distributors and Tier 1 solution integrators in the Middle East. Combined with our industry-leading solutions, these key partners have enabled Logitech to achieve rapid growth in its video collaboration business.

We held the Logitech Video Collaboration Summit 2022 in Dubai earlier this year, and it was a huge success. As part of the conference, we had the opportunity to showcase our channel strategy in the region, showcase Logitech’s latest solutions, exchange best practices, and celebrate recent achievements with our channel partners. The Logitech channel ecosystem, as you can see, is a key pillar of our strategy and success in the region.

Tell us about Logitech’s partner ecosystem. What are the benefits of being a Logitech Partner?

Channel partnerships have long been a key part of the tech industry. Logitech provides our valued channel partners with all the recourse and support they need to grow with us. We also know that partnership works best when it’s simple. Therefore, we are committed to being easy to work with while providing tools and solutions to help our partners stand out.

One thing that can be said with absolute certainty is that customer demands have escalated rapidly over the past few years, and partners should take an ecosystem approach to doing business in order to stay relevant.

The Logitech Channel Partner Program has been carefully developed to provide our partners with several benefits without the hassle and complexities found in comparable programs. The program uses a tiered structure with progressively higher levels of rewards, incentives, and benefits. Logitech Partners have access to the Logitech Partner Portal, which includes sales tools, marketing materials, and training.

Meanwhile, for higher-level partnerships, we offer co-marketing funding, inclusion in the Logitech Partner Locator on our websites, and access to the Lead Distribution Program and marketing team at Logitech. However, distribution partnerships, like most business relationships, rely on the interpersonal dynamics between the parties. We have a dedicated Logitech Channel Account Manager who supports and works with our partners to engage end customers.

As digital transformation accelerates at breakneck speed, how is Logitech equipping partners to meet changing technology demands?

As technology continues to reshape work, Logitech and its partners are uniquely positioned to help address emerging and evolving hybrid work trends. Raising the bar for meeting room and personal workspace solutions and optimizing collaboration for the hybrid worker, our products have become the hallmark of seamless user experiences and scalable deployments for every meeting space.

The acceleration of digital transformation, partly due to the recent pandemic, has radically changed the way we work. Work is no longer defined by a single location. It may or may not take place in an office. Work gets done wherever people are, and Logitech supports hybrid working by providing video collaboration solutions that deliver industry-leading meeting experiences for everyone, regardless of location. In fact, our solutions are our partners’ most valuable asset.

For example, Logitech’s video conferencing solutions are built around a comprehensive ecosystem of world-class hardware, software, services and partnerships. Our products and solutions are tested and certified to ensure compatibility with the world’s leading video conferencing platforms. One of the reasons organizations use Logitech devices in their meeting rooms is the sophistication of our video and AI technologies. Logitech video collaboration solutions are reliable, easy to set up and manage, and simple to use. They encourage meeting fairness and equal participation by allowing everyone to be seen and heard clearly.

The way we work with our partners has also evolved. Logitech also makes it easy for partners to do business with us through digital solutions, online training, a self-service marketing portal, and the Partner Portal to access Logitech’s online tools and resources.

Logitech is seeing rapid adoption of video collaboration in the Middle East, although hybrid work models remain popular. How have your distribution partners contributed to this success?

Despite the fact that Logitech has the widest range of video conferencing and collaboration solutions, this alone would not be enough to ensure success. Our channel partners reach more customers through their extensive network, which has contributed significantly to Logitech’s local achievements. In today’s highly competitive business climate, maintaining and growing a brand’s market share is a difficult task. However, our regional partners have helped us achieve full scalability of our products and services.

With support and training from Logitech, our channel partners are able to provide end customers in the UAE with highly customized solutions tailored to their business needs. We discuss a partner-enabled, customer-centric operating model. Thanks to Logitech’s ability to adapt quickly to changing business needs, our partners can effectively turn their customers’ desires into reality.

Additionally, we always consider that our channel partner community has the most direct contact with Logitech end customers. As a result, we leverage insights gathered from their regular and dynamic interactions with customers to further improve our solutions and create exceptional user experiences that benefit all parties involved.

Additionally, Logitech Channel Partners play a critical role in supporting and amplifying our marketing efforts and reach. Our distribution partners in the UAE have in-depth knowledge of the local market. In conjunction with our support and coaching, they deliver effective offline and online marketing initiatives. Partner marketing helps drive customer interest, generate leads, and ultimately drive sales.

Tell us about the latest line of products and services from Logitech.

Logitech has been a company focused on innovation and quality since its founding in 1981 in Lausanne, Switzerland. So while we now provide a wide variety of products and services that can meet the demands of any business, even in volatile times, our product design teams are restless and new product releases are planned for this fall. .

The new Logitech Brio 505 is one of them. We’re talking about a next-gen web camera, delivering superior video quality. Logitech’s exclusive HDR technology automatically corrects light in real time.

Another notable release is the Logitech Zone Vibe Wireless headset. Certified for Google Meet, Google Voice and Zoom and compatible with major video platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zone Vibe Wireless makes joining any meeting simple and easy. The new lightweight headphones offer up to 20 hours of true wireless freedom and can connect to users’ devices via Bluetooth and the accompanying USB receiver.

Logitech also offers software and apps to help customers easily manage and optimize their video tools and devices. At the enterprise level, Logitech Sync is a cloud-based remote device management software that enables a company’s IT department to maintain, manage, and regularly update its video collaboration implementation from any location. IT teams can ensure their Logitech video collaboration devices and tools are healthy and up-to-date, even remotely. While Logi Tune equates to a video conferencing “maestro” because it allows end users to control their video conferencing experience wherever they are: at home, in the office or on the go. Webcam and headset settings are all at users fingertips to ensure they look and sound the way they want during video conferences.

The Logitech Brio 505 and Zone Vibe Wireless are compatible with Logitech Sync and Logi Tune Desktop.

Of course, more exciting Logitech video conferencing and collaboration products are on the horizon, but we’d rather not give it away just yet.

What are Logitech’s plans for this region?

We are seeing an increase in the adoption of video collaboration due to the trend of hybrid working and rapid digitization that is driving hyper-connectivity through advanced video conferencing tools and devices. Logitech will provide the market with the video collaboration tools needed to help employees seamlessly transition from the office to the home office. We will work with our partners to create deeper integrations. Our co-selling strategy Logitech training programs, marketing tools and sales support to help partners grow. We plan to promote our products in the coming year to drive the use of video collaboration solutions and devices across the region, while helping organizations adopt our video collaboration tools. We will also focus on talent development, which is also key to closing the unprecedented digital skills gap as more and more jobs require digital skills. It’s also worth mentioning that Logitech provides industry-specific solutions for the healthcare, government, and education sectors, and that’s another big plus for our channel partners. As a result, not only are they able to keep up with changing technological demands, but they also have incredible development potential.