Top 10 Real-Life Uses of Reinforced Learning in 2022

by Apoorva Bellapu

April 2, 2022

Reinforcement learning (RL) has enjoyed immense popularity since its inception. With the current state of the ability to train machine learning (ML) models to be able to make better decisions, organizations are relying on reinforcement learning like never before. RL has produced results that have improved the dynamics of various sectors. That said, let’s look at the top 10 real-world uses for reinforced learning in 2022.

Health care

Reinforcement learning is widely used in healthcare. One such area is that of a dynamic treatment regimen through which the delayed impact of treatments can be reduced or eliminated through multi-objective health care optimization solutions. Well, that’s not all – Thanks to RL, it is also possible for doctors to find out the type of treatment, the appropriate doses of drugs and the schedules for taking the doses.


Be it adventure, mystery, or action, gaming in these areas has left no stone unturned to grab eyeballs. All of your favorite games can now see their performance boosted with RL. Moreover, it is also possible to optimize your favorite games. You wonder how? Well, it’s simply by applying proper prediction models via RL-compatible strategies.


Trading is one of the hottest industries that is gaining popularity with every passing day. The main objective behind trading is to make good returns. This is exactly where reinforcement learning comes in. RL and machine learning algorithms help drive better returns, and financial systems based on reinforcement learning can further optimize stock returns.


With reinforcement learning in place, organizations have deployed their own RL systems for packaging as well as quality testing. It has helped them achieve their business goals faster and more efficiently than ever before.


Who would deny that e-commerce is one of the fastest growing industries? Considering the importance of customer satisfaction in e-commerce, RL helps to personalize the choices according to their tastes.


Strong marketing is one of the main drivers of business growth. Well, reinforcement learning is nothing short of a savior here. It helps to track customer satisfaction points which create huge data sets which can be beneficial for profitable marketing strategies.


Who would have thought that there would ever be a machine that would do tasks like a human? Well, technology does wonders, no doubt! Training a robot to be able to make decisions (like humans) has become easier than ever – thanks to reinforcement learning.

Reduction of energy consumption

Reinforcement learning helps predict how different combinations will affect future energy consumption. This is followed by the identification of actions that will lead to minimum energy consumption while maintaining a set of safety criteria. How amazing is that?


RL has made it very easy to recommend news that matches the changing preferences of readers and/or users. Indeed, journalists can now be equipped with an RL-based system that keeps tabs on intuitive news content as well as headlines.

Autonomous cars

Many countries have already welcomed self-driving cars. The success behind this comes down to reinforcement learning and deep learning. Various factors such as path optimization, motion planning, dynamic path, controller optimization, and scenario-based learning policies for highways, to name a few, are all taken into account and successfully implemented thanks to RL.

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